iPhone Development and MYSQL Database


Areas of expertise - iPhone Development, SQL Lite, and MySQL

We are fundamentally a UI, design, idea generation, marketing company who have received some capital to make a number of iPhone Applications. We are looking for a dedicated professional(s) with talent for IPhone Application, and SQL development to begin work on an informational iphone Application.

Below is a basic overview of the project. Detailed information, UML models and a detailed specifications/documents will be provided as part of the interview process.

This will be an intermediate project and will need to be updated monthly or bi-monthly. If we are satisfied with your work and feel that you have the potential there will be a number of APP projects to work on.


Application Overview:

Table View

* Interface will be detailed by us - (any input you have will be listened to). Detailed Interface design examples/ layouts, PNG iconography and logos will be provided as per Apple Human Interface Guidelines.

* The Application will be Table view, with Tab Bar and Navigation Bar.

* First Table View - Pick Category - 8 Categories

* Second Table (for each category) - Snippet Pick - 8 snippets and a Next Bar for more - total for each category 50ish

* Third Table - Detail View with Rate it Button

* Fourth Table - Rate it with 4 choices -

All of the above will be local imbedded device information - SQL Lite

*Fifth table (Overlay) - Push Pull information - The database on the local device has to synchronise with the central database on the central web-based server to perform 2 ways synchronisation. This will “Pull” rating records, as generated by users WW from the central server, and “Push” a new rating record from the individual user as to their individual rating. This will obviously need to work through all existing iPhone communication technologies such as 3G, EDGE, or cellular networks for roaming and Wi-Fi for localised networking.

Tab Bar

Write to Us: Either linking to Mail or embedded.

Best/ Worst rated - Link to SQL Server and downloads the best or worst according to WW users

Random Generator - Randomly picks a detailed view, this is to be done by button and by shake (accelerometer)

Please note we would prefer a developer that will build both back (MY-SQL) and front end Application

We have detailed wire diagrams ready to go.

We do expect the application to grow and as such we are looking for a reliable, friendly and amazing developer. The winning bidder will be expected to sign an NDA.

You will be expected to itemize your working involvement on the iPhone applications you have created and our available on the iTunes store.

We look forward to hearing from you.



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