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219993 Error Fixes & New Requirements

Error Fixes & New Requirements

Error 3: Program is predicting while the user is not typing. This is incorrect as the program should predict on what the user is typing in and previous words as stated in the original requirements

3) We don't think that "Type the world hello (2 probable words) and the program predicts Good Day press enter and the program will prompt you immediately with the second phrase. The second phrase should be prompted when pressing the button get phrase or when the user continues typing again.":

is a very good idea, however we have implemented the backspace button to clear the shown predicted words. We can do that only, as of now. Further features shall be taken in the next project.


Error 4: Program is working incorrectly when deleting a word as its not taking care of what the user is typing but on the previous word.

4)For "The user type "Hello i" and press get next match and shows Italia, Italy and India correctly , Italia is selected then the user deletes Italia (the second word) and leaves hello only upon pressing get next match the same 3 possibilities shows (Italia, Italy and India) and the others such as world etc., do not show" :

This is beyond the scope of this requirement. As of now, we have to implement the completion based on the words typed. If the tree has to traverse backwords to take all prediction from the first letter, that would be an additional requirement.


Error 5: Pressing the reply button is not showing the whole message but according to the number of word in the text box. Specifications in light blue and clearly do not show that this was requested.

Point 3 I can't understand how its a new requirement when it was never mentioned that upon pressing the reply button the predicted reply phrase will be limited to a number of words. However, as I already did in another occasion, I have no problem as a gesture of goodwill if you include this in the next quote, but I want to receive the quote as soon as possible.

As regards the reply button, when reply button is pressed, the whole message should be displayed irrespective of the number in the textbox for the number of predicted words. This number should only be used once the user starts typing again. The reply message text should be highlighted like when text is being predicted while typing and upon pressing enter it goes to the end of the phrase or if the user starts typing instead of pressing enter it overwrites the highlighted message.

You will need a different ternary-search-tree from the one we are using now. This tree will store both the mesaage in the received textbox and the message in the sent textbox as one message together with their frequency so next time you receive the same or similar message upon pressing the reply button you will search the new ternary-search-tree to match the message or a similar occurance and if found you will show the remainder of the tree in the sending message.

Example you receive a message "how are you" and you reply "I am OK" and this will stored together as "how are you I am ok" with the number of frequencies, next time you receive the same message upon pressing reply you will search for the received message "how are you" (or similar occurance) in this new ternary-search-tree and show "I am OK" in the sending message text box. Obviously we have to update (increase) the number of frequencies of this message when pressing the send button. The same receiving message example "how are you" could have several different replies as follows

receiving message "how are you" sending message "I am OK"

receiving message "how are you" sending message "OK"

receiving message "how are you" sending message "I am fine"

receiving message "how are you" sending message "I am fine thank you"

Here you will show the most frequent message and when the user press the button get next phrase the program will show the next frequent reply. If user want to continue typing after the message the current ternary-search-tree will be used to continue predicting

Also if no reply is found in the new ternary-search-tree the current ternary-search-tree will be used. All the message received and sent are to be also stored seperately in the current ternary search tree.


The below in bold are the new requirements.

New Requirement 1

We also need an additional feature (and we will pay extra since it wasn't specified) as follows. We should make another text box that will accept the minimum number of frequencies to be considered when predicting. Ex If in this textbox the user will input 0 the prediction will remain as is and therefore predicts all [url removed, login to view] in this textbox the user will input for example the number 5 all frequencies less than or equal to 5 will not be considered by the prediction algorithm.

New Requirement 2

Meanwhile I also notice another small problem. When the program predicts the first few word(s) or phrase and press enter to continue, if you keep on typing it will stop predicting. Ex. If i input "Hello" and it predicts "Good Morning" and I press Enter upon continuing typing the program does not continue to predict. The program must continue predicting based on the prefix (prior inputted or predicted words). This prediction must not be based only on the branch of the first prediction but on the whole tree. I do suggest to help you out that you do another text box and if the user inputs 0 in this text box the prediction will start again based on the next letter / word inputted and therefore not considering the previous words whilst if the user inputs 2 in this text box prediction will start again considering the last two words and any letters keys in. Again since this additional text box was not mentioned in our original requirements we have no problem to pay for it.

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