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We create transparent flash videos of spokespeople for website. We want to give our clients more control over how, where and when the video plays. A competitor of ours is currently doing similar things. We will provide their web address upon request to understand better what we want. We currently use progressive download and would like it to work with progressive download flash. If that is impossible we can use streaming flash.

Here is what we are looking for:

A online user control panel. Client users would log into our website and enter their own user name and password to access their control panel. The control panel would control playback features of the "spokesperson video" on their website.

Here are some of the features we would like them to be able to control on their control panel:

1. Where do they want their video to show up? The top, bottom ,left or right hand side of their web page? they can control this all on their own.

2. Display their video right away or wait a few moments. they can control how many seconds they want their video to wait before it is automatically played.

3. Play automatically or allow a play button to appear and have the website visitor click when they are ready.

[url removed, login to view] a video play for a second or two allowing the actor to appear and smile, then have a play button appear over the video to continue playing.

5. User can elect to have video to automatically play every visit, play only once a week, or automatically play once every few days, or once in a lifetime per visitor. (maybe done with a Cookie). But a play button is left on the screen to manually play.

6. User can Customize their own play button and change it as often as they wish.

7. Allow certain videos to play based on keywords, time of day, certain days of the week or month, browser type and much more. In other words they have complete control over who sees their video, which video they see, and when.

8. customize what happens when a user rolls their mouse over and/or clicks on the video. For example: a URL appears when mouse over. And when you click on video is goes to a URL that can be changed.

9. ability to change the text that appears when a user rolls their mouse over the video, and they may specify customer urls to go to when the user clicks. Use this to offer and track response to special offers and more.

10. User may add their own background and/or overlay to their videos and change it as often as they wish. Using a transparent gif file residing on their own website, they may change it to any image they wish and the resulting video will load that image every time.

11. Add flash swf files instead of images that plays behind or in front of their spokesperson, and in a timed fashion. they have full control.

12. Auto Forward to another html page

they're video can automatically forward the browser to another web page when the spokesperson is done speaking.

13. MP3 Audio Playback in the background. Another full control option is for them to specify their own mp3 file to begin playing the moment their video begins to play. they may also select the volume at which their music plays so it truly adds background music to their video playback. they're music is stored on their own website so they can change it whenever they want, as often as they want.

This project can be done in stages adding features until completion.

The first five features would need to be completed first and then the other features could be added. Please bid with that in mind. If you only want to do the first five feature the code would have to be annotated.

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