opensmpp SMPPTestPDUEventListener do deliver_sm_resp

need consulation how to do deliver_sm_resp after receive deliver_sm in async mode opensmpp . consultation usd10. below is the listener class

private class SMPPTestPDUEventListener extends SmppObject implements ServerPDUEventListener {

Session session;

Queue requestEvents = new Queue();

public SMPPTestPDUEventListener(Session session) {

[url removed, login to view] = session;


public void handleEvent(ServerPDUEvent event) {

PDU pdu = [url removed, login to view]();

if ([url removed, login to view]()) {

[url removed, login to view]("async request received, enqueuing " + [url removed, login to view]());

if( pdu instanceof DeliverSM ){

[url removed, login to view]("****" + " " + ((DeliverSM) pdu).debugString());


synchronized (requestEvents) {

[url removed, login to view](event);

[url removed, login to view]();


} else if ([url removed, login to view]()) {

[url removed, login to view]("async response received " + [url removed, login to view]());

if( pdu instanceof SubmitSMResp ){

[url removed, login to view] ( ">>>" + ((SubmitSMResp) pdu).getMessageId() +" "+ ((SubmitSMResp) pdu).debugString());


} else {

[url removed, login to view](

"pdu of unknown class (not request nor " + "response) received, discarding " + [url removed, login to view]());




* Returns received pdu from the queue. If the queue is empty,

* the method blocks for the specified timeout.


public ServerPDUEvent getRequestEvent(long timeout) {

ServerPDUEvent pduEvent = null;

synchronized (requestEvents) {

if ([url removed, login to view]()) {

try {

[url removed, login to view](timeout);

} catch (InterruptedException e) {

// ignoring, actually this is what we're waiting for



if (![url removed, login to view]()) {

pduEvent = (ServerPDUEvent) [url removed, login to view]();



return pduEvent;



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