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I am working on a kind of "ebook" that is text and images, but there is also a lot of bundled software and extra files to be included. I have done this before for a very successful program of mine, attached is a screenshot of the interface. As you can see it has a nicely presented design, and the way the program works is as follows: The user runs an .exe file to load the flash interface, (For Mac users there is a .swf embedded into an html launch page instead.) then there is a series of "pages" linked down the left hand side. Clicking each one changes the content on the right much like a website, and this content contains a number of buttons linking to one of the 20+ files that make up this package. So for this "ebook" all the main text and images is contained in a PDF file, linked in from one of the content buttons. And the rest of the buttons link to bonus software etc.


Rather than have all the text in a PDF file which isn't the most professional way of distributing this kind of information (i don't want it to look like an ebook, it is more than that) I am hoping IF POSSIBLE someone can offer me a solution whereby the text and images can all appear within the program interface itself, either via html or xml or something that i can edit (so not hard coded in).

I want the user to be able to navigate through the text quickly, by having it split into sections, and a contents list which can be clicked to skip straight to that section - and for all this to be inside the program.

If this is not possible i will simply have to go for a "same as before" approach, and simply have a flash 'launch pad' interface where all the content is accessed by buttons linking to the files.


Please include a message with regards to whether you will be able to fulfill the "embedded" option, or instead the "linked" method. Or if you have alternative ideas that is fine. But generally there needs to be an EASY way for PC and MAC users to load a program that makes finding all the different information and files easy and presentable.

Any previous work will help me to choose someone who can deliver a good design, and design is important here too.

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