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227370 CRUD grid - variable columns

CRUD grid with variable number of columns

It has to be a web based application delivering results to web browser.

It is simple editable (CRUD) grid or spreadsheet interface for displaying text (or hyperlink) table content.

Input may be an SQL table(s) or code has to have link to Java object with vectors for main table, headers vector and so on.

Every page request or just partial (AJAX is OK, but may be optional) refresh from same user will return a page with:

1. **Most important** with a number of columns different than the previous page

2. fully editable table with CRUD operations

3. preferably: editing of dates (with popup calendar), text, and/or other types of columns

4. pageable

5. cacheable

6. sortable columns

7. filter for each column values

8. cells may have list of values - multiple values in one cell - there can be multiple entries of values in single cell. In one cell you may have multiple entries, Something similar to Excel's multi-line cell. For example:






These entries are usually presented in a vertical layout, but it is up to implementation how they may be presented. Some grids implement it as entries visually separated in one or multiple lines.

9. main table column headers values will be given as another table

10. remembers resizing, sort and so on, of rows/columns

11. user will sign on and will have different data displayed

12. there can be multiple entries of values in single cell

The server may be implemented as connecting to a single database. In real system each user will have access to his/her own table(s). My plan is to have one database per user to enforce security.

Currently there is no requirement for blobs. But if you can handle them - better for you (and me).

Sample database data for Pointbase is enclosed in the zip file submitted with the original request. The script is in SQL, can be easily reformatted to any other database system.

The requirements are in priority sequence.

Working demo is preferable for evaluation. What programming IDE would have to be used for debugging?

Please look into attached zip file:

A. Folder “avisual” contains further guidance in form of [url removed, login to view] files and:

1. sample application setup for Java object to be CRUD (folder “avector”) or

2. existing open source code from Sun that does CRUD, but for fixed number of columns. The closest working code was in [url removed, login to view] from Sun in JSF (folder “create signon1 database” with table create statements for the test setup in subfolders for “derby” database and “pointbase” database)

B. File “Pictures of possible [url removed, login to view]” contains screenshots of the old application that can perform CRUD only on the local computer. Your task is to perform what the old application could do, but in the browser, on-line, at the remote server.

I have seen something similar in [url removed, login to view] should be able to do it. Ruby on Rails is interesting. Django is OK. AJAX is desirable. It can be simple JSP with Spring MVC or Echo3 or ZK framework. Other possibilities: BigTable, GFS or many others.


• Java

• Javascript

• JScript

• Java Server Pages (JSP)

• Ruby




• IE 7.0

• Firefox 2.0-2.x

Please review more precise descriptions, especially the attached ZIP file with further, hopefully better, descriptions.

I'm totally open to any solution as long as the code is in Java, JSF, JSP or similar. I do not accept PHP, ASP nor .Net solutions. The solution that I came across is shown in attached [url removed, login to view] from Sun in JSF. The strongest additional requirement is variable number of columns for each page refresh. The best way to start further conversation is to show me screenshots of solution or website with working solution.

Additional information:

1. Derby does not support Java code in triggers. Can Firebird call Java code in trigger? My internal database is proprietary, so when a table column value changes in the grid, another Java routine has to be called to perform an update on my proprietary database.

Otherwise, your code must provide me with some exit (place to call my code) for each Insert, Update, Delete of a value in a grid's cell.

2. I would be interested in activescaffold only if it can provide a generic solution – my problem is that on every page request there is a different number of columns to be displayed and their names are different from previous request. Hardcoding is impossible.

3. If you can display another table rows in the drop-down – I will take it. All rows of the main table are to display the same drop-down content, since that content is related to the column header, not the row. The ideal solution would be to be able display this drop-down with multi-columns. So, basically, the drop-down should visually display another grid, which content can be assigned from another table.

4. It is to be about one web page coding.

I would pay for all solutions that are acceptable. There are possible multiple solutions that have enough merit to be a basis for further development. If I accept your solution, by requesting the source code, I will pay for it. It is not the bid amount, but value of the code that will decide.

I estimate one to two months for completion.

We need milestones, though. Please let me know at least the toolset and expected screen design as soon as possible.

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