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Micro-site for ordering printed and audio content

Programming of micro-site for ordering printed and audio horoscope readings with admin interface for management.


(HTML and graphics will be provided. It will be a very plain design that can fit in third party websites. It may need to fit in iframe or be completely standalone. It will always be served from our servers)

The micro-site will collect order and personal details. It will NOT collect payment details. Payment will be done via integration through WorldPay (via POST form).

It will present the user with forms to be capture data, integrate with worldpay for payment and confirm order after successful payment using WorldPay callback script. Different forms are needed for printed and different for audio content. The printed will be personal the audio will be generic for the time period.

Audio/mp3 which will be offered for download immediately after payment.

Email for each order sent to a number of configurable addresses with Subject describing order incl code (sample to be provided).

The order details and personal details will be stored in a MySQL database for a configurable amount of days after the order has been dispatched. Data in DB will contain all details captured as well as chart type, chart sale price, p&p charges, any discounts, total price, order status, payment status, refund if any, and user consent to receiving marketing.

The purchaser will be given an order confirmation which they could use to login in a part of the microsite which will allow them to track the order status (printed, dispatched, refunded).

Database will store name, price, postage charges and description of products. (To be discussed - may be dropped)

The public area pages will have code for tracking views, for each reseller using reseller-specific-codes, used for statistics in Admin panel.

Each product sold will have a unique code depending on reseller sold via and type of product, that will also be added to email subject, used for revenue statistics.

The admin interface will allow for authorised users (using username and password) with 2 different privileges to view orders. Administrator will be able to see everything, supplier will be able to see limited information. And also ability to change/reset password.

The admin area will allow management of printed chart orders (change status, printed, dispatched, change order details, change personal details, delete/cancel order, refund) by administrator or supplier

The admin area will allow management of [url removed, login to view] orders by administrator only.

The admin area will allow for management of weekly, monthly and yearly audio charts/mp3 content (uploading to server) by administrator only.

The admin area will allow for management of prices and codes for each product. Also management of postage charges that will be applied to final order with multiple buy discount for 2 or more charts (separate discount for postage and separate for chart price)

The admin area will allow for setting the date when the next months audio files will be available (different for each reseller) for download (default: 15th of the month)

Design should allow for future addition of new products (ie video charts).

The admin area will have pages with information about sales, revenue, through which product (We will need to discuss this more)

The application will be developed in three tier desing MVC, clearly separating the different tiers Model, View and Controller for easy maintenance.

View will be developed in JSP and will include NO logic whatsoever, Model and Controller in Java. Struts and Hibernate maybe used or I'm open to other suggestions.

Proper coding and clear code is paramount for this project. Bids without code sample will not be considered.

Coding should be absolutely portable and should be easy to use the same code for different resellers (see below for tracking). Site should be developed as simply as possible.

Coding should be highly secure, protecting against common hacking attacks (SQL injection, DOS etC)

Requirement might change slightly but it will pretty much stay as described above.

Kemahiran: Java, JSP

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