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Spring, WebFlow 2, Facelets Programming - Web Signup & File Upload Form

We are looking for a programer with Java Experience to write an application that uses Java WebFlow and Facelets.

This application is a user signup form that takes multiple steps to complete.

This application should run in the latest Tomcat Container.

The programmer must use Spring and WebFlow 2.0 for this.

The user information will need to be validated and persisted to some sort of Database Using Hibernate.

The User should be allowed to access any step from any part of the application.

The Normal Flow is as follows,

Step 1.

User Information



Confirmation Email Sent with Code Link to Continue

Step 2.

Confirmation Showing Account Been Created

Showing Generated Unique Code.

Step 3.

More User Information

Address Information

Address Type (Drop Down Billing, Service)

Address 1

Address 2


State (Drop Down)

Zip Code

2 Buttons, Add Another Address, or Continue

Continue Takes You to Step 4

Add Another Address Takes You Back to Step 3

Step 4.

Confirmation Showing All The Added Addresses

With Edit Button To Edit Any Missing Address Data

Step 5.

Billing Information

Credit Card Number

Expiration Date

CCV Number



Step 6.

Confirmation Page


Edit Billing Info, Continue or Account Information Page

Step 7.

Picture Upload (Ideally Use Ajax Form to Allow Dynamic Adding of Upload Fields)

Please Upload Your Files

*** Files Should Be Saved as BLOB in DB


Add Another or Continue

Step 8.

Confirmation Page

Show All Details with Edit Buttons

Step 9.

Persist Information to DataBase and Continue

to Account Information Page

Showing Details in Read Only View with Links allowing you to edit any Information

Step 10.

Login Page

To Edit Account Details.

This Application Should Be Built Using Ant or Pom and Have an Associated Build File (pom or ant) that generates the DB Files.

This Application should be easily uprgade-able if we need to add extra fields it should be easy and possible.

View Technology

We would Like to Be Consistent and Use JSF, however alternatives will be considered. Please clearly describe your experience with JSF.


All validation should be done on Server Side. We have some custom validation rules that you will implement a method that calls these rules


This is a proof of concept application, so database can be either HSQLDB or MYSQL, the database parameters should not be embedded in Java Code.


No Configuration Details should be embedded in Java Code. You may use annotations however hard coded strings will not be considered.

Please Feel Free to Post Questions.

Posts that Read I can do it will be ignored.

Please clearly outline your experience and your timeline.

Must have Expert Java Coding Ability and Demonstrate This With Submitted Sample Code.

Must Have a Clear Outlined Domain Model and Service Layer For Persisting Information

There is no interface design work necessary, simply outline the forms in a table with labels next to them in JSF and our design team will do the rest.

This spec is near complete there may be minor changes.

Minor changes to the spec should not change the project timeline or cost.

Our Project Payment Terms.

Escrow Paid 50% upfront Payment Made Upon Acceptance,

First 50% Payment Released From Escrow Upon Demonstrated Completion of Requirements

Second 50% Escrow Payment Made

Second 50% Released after project testing and completion (21 Days Testing Period).

(Other Terms That Protect Both of Us will Be considered)


1. Provide SVN access to source code to monitor quality.

(Your Code is Valueless to us if your not going to complete the project)

2. You keep your own demo server active so we can monitor progress.

3. All components must include source code.

(No proprietary software will be considered.)

4. You must meet your deadline otherwise you will not be paid.

(Reasonable Extensions will be granted if a spec changed, and an extension is requested at that time)

Additional Terms.

1. You May do this as a project but must provide hourly rate.

2. The cost of changes to the software as well as upgrades.

3. How you plan to do bug fixes.

4. Your communication strategy Email, IM, Phone.

5. Your Availability

Bidder Beware

We have had failed projects before and would like to minimize the risk of more potential bad projects. We do this by ensuring that the developers we choose provide excellent communication, availability and willingness to do great work. Please dont bid on this project if you think you are doing us a favor, developers that do that waste their time and DONT get paid.

Modifying an example project will be accepted providing you know how to make the necessary changes. We have had developers try to pass off sample projects as works of their own and expect to get paid for a complete project.

Bottom line, we make good on our word, and expect the developer to do the same. This relationship is built on trust, if you dont trust us, then dont get involved, simply dont bid.

At the same time, we value your time and expertise, if you wish to tackle a project that interests you and have continued interest to build an ongoing relationship, then please bid on the project. We are very fair in terms of paying our developers, developers who put in the honest effort and expect to be compensated will be well compensated above and beyond what we agree upon, however, we expect you to be a professional and pay you as such. If you dont have experience, we wont pay you your full rate to learn, but we will compensate you if you discuss it with us and not expect.

We will make you do a great job, we expect that you understand what your bidding on and you know what your capable of producing. Like we mentioned, developers who want to take a project and try it out, will bid and fail and waste their time.

Thanks and Good Luck.

Kemahiran: AJAX, J2EE, Java, JSP

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