Java ME (J2ME) - This is the first part of a much longer Java ME project

This is the first part of a much longer Java ME (formerly J2ME) project. If you complete this project successfully on time, then I hope we will work together in the future.

You will supply me with a Java ME application (a JAD and a JAR file) which I will attempt to load with a USB cable onto a Motorola i88s phone. This is an old phone running MIDP 1.0. I have uploaded the "i88s_Developer_Guide.pdf" along with this advertisement.

If I successfully load the Java ME application you supply me with onto the i88s phone then I will attempt to run your application. If your application runs then I will see 1 menu choice.


On the display, "Track" will be followed immediately by the IMEI number of the phone. For example, for a phone with IMEI 084861794321011 I would see the following displayed on the screen...


IMEI: 084861794321011

In the bottom right corner of the screen I will see a "soft key" labeled "Ok." If I choose "Ok" then within 3 minutes your application will find the phone's date, time, location (latitude and longitude), speed, and elevation.

Your application will then report this information to your server. You may use HTTP as your protocol for this project. However, in a later project you will use TCP.

If on September 24, 2008 at 20:18 GMT the phone with IMEI 084861794321011 reported its location as latitude 33.527599 and longitude [url removed, login to view] and reported that it was traveling 29 kilometers/hour at an elevation of 18 meters then the URL on your server I visit would display the following information...

IMEI: 084861794321011

Date: 2008-24-09

Time: 20:18 GMT

Latitude: 33.527599,

Longitude: [url removed, login to view]

Speed: 29 kilometers/hour

Elevation: 18 meters

If the information displayed on the URL on your server matches the actual information I know to be correct when I test the i88s phone, then you will have met the requirements for this project.

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