Java Game top down Zombie shooter

Java game

Require a quality top down shooter. Graphics must highly animated and be of excellent professional quality.

Similar style to bitmap brothers chaos engine. And left 4k dead.

but Single person and enemies on a purely zombie theme. Must have differing zombie types (with differing abilities… similar to left for dead…more the better…

i.e. take multiple hits, throws goo, fast mover, dodges.. etc….

Player can collect power-ups and weapons. Special weapons hidden in the game. Special challenges. Different types of weapon, fist,knife, pistol, rifle,shotgun,machine gun, rocket laucher, grenade, mine, BFG,etc.. with add ons. Rate of fire, damage, weapon damage.etc.

Game has collectable items, ammo per weapon type, health, weapon repair, keys, weapon add ons, shield,/armour, special abilities with limited duration.

Weapon select option to select collected weapons. Must be able to also discard weapons with possible limit to how many to carry.

Must be at least 20-30 LARGE levels. Player walks within the level. Player always shown in center of screen. Level scrolls around player. Player must not walk through walls / objects etc. Each level to include hidden sections. via Doors, tunnels etc… examples being Require keys, activate hidden switch, combination of action. E.g. Not open an area until zombies in zone destroyed. Secret levels are also required.

Zombies home in on player and must not get stuck behind walls etc.

Player rotates 360 degrees and walks in direction facing.. with a reverse option.

Please provide a sample of your prior game and artwork experience.

Success on this project is likely to lead to future work on other game requirements.

Must work on two screen sizes a)320x208 screen b)400x208 .. in both cases graphics same size but b) displaying more scenery

Spec is somewhat sketchy so there needs to be flexibility on both sides per this project.

Graphics png files. Transparency and opacity allowed.

Use png sheets as game size is an optimum. Max 240K

All source and graphics to be supplied.

Recommend Using tilemap editor for levels, but note no file io is possible. So levels need to be embedded in code.

Based on the screen display it’s recommended graphic are either 32x32 or 48x48 as standard Some boss enemies can be larger..

Loading of graphics is also restricted. You can use your own library for your development, but ultimately you need to code referencing my supplied class object

Drawing will be via my supplied class object

drawBitmap(x,y, bitmap, transparency, rotate* );

Rotate only 0,90,180,270 possible.


All graphics will be in my class object in arrays. N.B.

gBitmaps_typ[id]; viz we can come to some arrangement if you want to have separate arrays for differen’t types of graphic. E.g. gBitmaps_guns,gBitmaps_enemy,GBitmap_Player etc…

Double buffering must not be included. You may need to include it for your development platform. In which case you’ll need to be able to parameterize it on/off.

No frameworks other than standard java library. Not swing etc. Again also no File IO. {I’ll supply}

No menu, dialogs etc I’ll supply, just functions to initiate game and call to each level

There will need to be some agreement on how to control passing of objects and variables but as an example:

My Java


VarObjects =new obj gamevars() // your class [player status, weapons, amo,etc…]

Game = new obj game(); // your class

GraphicObjects = new obj graphicobjects()

[url removed, login to view](); // loading of graphic files.

SoundObjects= new obj soundobjects() // Soundobjects

[url removed, login to view]();

[url removed, login to view]();

Menu…Intro etc. setup by me….

Main loop

if ([url removed, login to view]()){[url removed, login to view](false); doGameOverdialog();}

if (LevelStartDialogCompleted){


[url removed, login to view](mLevel); [url removed, login to view](true);


else if (LevelEndDialogCompleted()){doLevelStartDialog();}

else if ([url removed, login to view]()){[url removed, login to view](false); doLevelEndDialog();};

If [url removed, login to view]()


[url removed, login to view](rotate left key, rotate right key, move forward key, move backward key, fire weapon key, use key, weapon select key, varObjects,GraphicObjects, SoundObjects)



Use function [url removed, login to view]([url removed, login to view],vol, onoff) ; S1,S2,S3.. etc…

I’ll supply the sounds.

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