Jaxws soap consume in Java springboot nginx https help

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Hi we are using springboot we have soap based project jaxws we are using for connectiviry to third party peovider

frontens--> inbound gateway> backend> outbound gatetway> thirdpaty provide soap service

we have this flow we have connecrivty from backend to nginx gateway in http form we need to connect with https

we have below is class for servver and port

class NginxProxy extends ProxySelector

constructor ---- set all nginx server and port to local vatiable

NginxProxy() {

proxies= proxy

port= port

public List<Proxy> select (URI uri) {

Arrlist<Proxy> list = new ArrayList<>

for(Sting proxy:proxies) {

Proxy proxy = new Proxy([login to view URL], new InetSocketAddress(proxy, 8080))

[login to view URL](proxy)


finally we are setting

ProxySelector. setDefault(new NginxProxy)

in method

this used in bean method which used to connect soap external endpoint to consume api in spring boot application

We need to connect back end to nginx in https ca n youplease help?

Java SOAP API Nginx

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