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Hi I need the following Card game created in Java in about 24 hours from bid thank you


War is a game played by two players using a deck of cards. There are several variations of War; we'll use the rules from [url removed, login to view] These rules differ from Hoyle's "official" rules in that wars only require each player to play two cards, not three.

Before we get into the rules of the game, here are a few helpful hints regarding data structures for your program. Each player can have at most 51 cards (if a player runs out of cards, he loses the game), but you should use an ArrayList for each player rather than an array. This will help you to avoid the problem of "wrapping around" the end of the array if the game goes on too long. To resolve a single war, you can get away with using ordinary arrays; to play it safe, make them at least 26 elements in length.

War operates on the principle of "high card takes all." In each round, the player who draws the highest card wins all of the cards played during that round. The object of the game is to win all of the cards in the deck. This can take an extremely long time to accomplish, so most games are instead played until one player has won three wars.

Each player begins the game with 26 cards. If a card is played face up, you should display it. Face down cards can be represented by "XX" or "??".

Each round of the game is played as follows:

1. Each player turns over and displays the top card of his deck. The player with the high card (by face value) wins both cards, and adds them to the bottom of his deck. Aces beat kings, and 2 is the lowest possible card value.

2. If both cards have the same face value, a war occurs. Wars are played as follows:

1. Each player deals two cards from the top of his deck. The first card is played face down (is displayed as "X"), and the second card is played face up.

2. The player with the highest face up card wins all of the war cards, and adds them to the bottom of his deck.

3. If both face up cards show the same value, the war continues. Each player draws two more cards (one face down and one face up) and adds them to the war cards. Return to Step 2 to determine the winner of all of the war cards.

3. Play continues until one player has won three wars, or until one player runs out of cards (and thereby loses).

4. If a player runs out of cards during a war, he loses the game. If both players run out of cards at the same time, the game is a draw.

Write a two-player version of War. As you may have noticed, the game doesn't require very much (or any) player interaction. Once the game begins, it can run automatically, displaying the cards that are drawn and the final outcome. For each round of the game, you should print out the number of cards in each player's deck.

Atleast two of these:

Extra Credit

1. Implement the "Trunks" variation of War, from [url removed, login to view] This is actually a simpler variation of War, so it should be pretty easy after you complete the main assignment! (

2. Implement the "Addition War" variation from [url removed, login to view] (

3. Implement one or more additional variants of War from the page listed above.

4. Develop a GUI for your project code. This does not need to be very fancy; at minimum, it should use a window to display program output and use JTextField or JButton widgets to obtain user input.

Text based or very simple gui

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