Very Easy Java Program


Imagine that you are an owner of a hardware store and need to keep an inventory that can tell you what different kind of tools you have how many of each you have on hand and cost of each one.

Now do the following:

(1) Write a program ([url removed, login to view]) that,

(1.1) Initializes (and creates) a file “[url removed, login to view]”

(1.2) lets you input that data concerning each tool, i.e. the program must ask the user for input and each of the user input is written back in the file.

The file must have the following format:

Record# Tool Name Qty Cost per item (A$)

1 Electric Sander 18 35.99

2 Hammer 128 10.00

3 Jigsaw 16 14.25

4 Lawn mower 10 79.50

5 Power saw 8 89.99

6 Screwdriver 236 4.99

7 Sledgehammer 32 19.75

8 Wrench 65 6.48

(1.3) Exception handling that must be taken into account-

(1.3.1) User must not input incorrect data

(1.3.2) Cost of the item must be a number

(2) Write another program ([url removed, login to view]) that,

(2.1) lets you list all the tools, i.e. it will read the data from “[url removed, login to view]” in a proper manner (you can choose the display format), File name should not be hard coded.

(2.2) lets you delete a record for a tool, as an example- you can delete all the details pertaining to the tool – Wrench. Once you delete the information, records must be updated in the “dat” file.

(2.3) List the total price(rounded to two decimal places) of each tool, as an example, the total price of all the Hammers is A$128 * 10 = A$1280.00

(2.4) Exception handling that must be taken into account-

(2.3.1) In case user inputs an incorrect file name

(2.3.2) In case user inputs incorrect Tool name (when the user wants to delete something)

Bonus Task

This task deals with the inclusion of Javadoc comments and generation of documentation pages.


Your task is to add meaningful javadoc comments in all the programs and generate HTML documentation pages.

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