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Add New Sections To [login to view URL]

to save time and to make life easier, i have bought a copy of

[url removed, login to view] and my site is up and running under the name of [url removed, login to view] there needs to be a shopping cart/payment section for the funds for the gold section of the website,and i need ftp and other tools installing on my server

so i need work to be done to this new video website.

1. change the look, colors layout and add new sections,menu of content with sub sections, and change buttons like the ratings icons etc; (like [url removed, login to view] [url removed, login to view]) so the layout and more videos on a page,text like the new [url removed, login to view] .also the guba menu style with the revver layout, the 2 together,a mix of the 2 with buttons like guba and style like revver. with guba they have more video boxes on any given page, so in each page i need it to look like the guba video page and a logo for the site ekeg just the same as [url removed, login to view], as there logo is [url removed, login to view] in blue maybe a text logo to the player, this feature is in the software but needs a text logo to say [url removed, login to view] and can we put the name [url removed, login to view] before a video and after it has played a video,and can we stamp the logo text name on all downloads?Where the date comes up in an uploaded video i need it to default to todays, cookies to be added for the site so it opens on your account, if you create a shortcut the http shows and not the site name,something moving on the upload screen so you know that the videos is uploading.

[url removed, login to view] make the video smaller and bigger if it can in the gold area ipod psp wm mac flash windows media player just like [url removed, login to view], 2 sizes as the new larger version shows some videos in poor quality due to the size of the file. needed, small and the large which is there now, please look at

[url removed, login to view] a paid gold membership area, a full $ dollars paid for this service with up market content, fee paid by the month or a one year paid amount. just like [url removed, login to view] and members can store and view adult content comedy drama music videos etc there, i will add tv shows porn comedy drama music videos and lots lots more. members can view content files and the gold area but can not enter files or download them in the gold member area. we will have ads for the gold membership area in all areas of the site, download area upload area etc;(which the software has about 5 ad areas already, just to add 2 more) buttons at the top and bottom and in all areas to access the gold area,when signing up under sign up at the top of the site will have the gold area sign up section so they have a free account or a payed account.

4. i need a cheat button that allows me only to add viewings to a video so the site looks busier than the real video, so a video gets 33 views from visitors and i can go in the program in the control panel and add 1000 to the video to make the site look busier.

[url removed, login to view] for the gold area, banner Ads text Ads, in the video as a video starts and where ever we can put the Ads to push this service, all ideas welcome.

6. competions for the most new viewers to a video and [url removed, login to view] referrers to the site. the user who gets the most new accounts signed up gets a prize etc; a camera psp ipod..

7. once a video has been watched by a user we need the video box to show that the video was viewed so they do not repeat, saves bandwidth and time as once seen you do not need to see it again unless you add it to your favorites.

8. I need to place some videos to be downloaded on other web servers, so i need a working control software that helps for bandwidth so i can put 10-20 top video content (large files 500megs)on cheaper servers, 1&[url removed, login to view] and sites like this,

[url removed, login to view] and a Blog page that match the site.

10. traffic to the site counters that can be used to help for referrals to the site.(in the software there is a user stats and i need to know how many users etc;)

11. when uploading video to the site we need something on the page as the page will not let you change pages if you do it cancels your upload, so we need to do something in this time and space, yes to push the gold website and any ideas would be great .I will get you the access to my server and control panel of the software.

12. how to back up the site to a HD at home for the first weeks while work is done.

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