Hover Ad Generator

The project is to write a JavaScript/DTHML Hover ad generator utility.

The program needs to create true hover ads, not regular pop ups.

Deliverable will be a Windows .exe format executable that's compatible with Windows 98/Me/Nt/2000/Xp.

The "DHTML Hover popup ad generator" software should generate 5 different types of Hover ads:

1. Post-it note style - displays in the middle of the screen. website visitors can move it around and close it. User can modify color, text, position, size, and border width. Default color is set to that of a standard Post-it note (pink or yellow). Supports display of content entered into the application as well as external URL's.

2. Window XP style - Looks like a regular Microsoft XP Window. It can be maximized, minimized, moved around, re-sized, and closed. It supports display of content entered into the application as well as external URL's. Editable properties should allow disabling ability of user to re-size or move the window. Supports a timer that delays the display of the ad. Should be able to modify the window's color, height, width, horizontal position and vertical position.

3. Bouncy style - Window falls from the top of the browser window, hits an imaginary floor and bounces (wiggles). Users cannot move the ad. There is an option to close the window. The bouncy style window supports content entered into the generator application by the author or external URLs.

4. Opt-In Email Ad - Drops down like the Bouncy style ad. If the user scrolls the browser window, the ad will scroll as well and remain in view. The user is presented with a button. If the button is pressed, an email is mailed to the author with a customizable pre-defined message. Clicking the button makes the hover ad slide off the screen to the right. The author can modify the color and text of the ad.

5. Urgency Ad – Windows XP style that displays an author configurable countdown timer. If the counter reaches zero without user action, the ad slides off the browser in a configurable direction (left, top, right, bottom) and can be set to display as a one time deal, once per session, or once every 5th session.

All five Ads should have the option of being time delayed in seconds with the default being no delay.

The user should be able to add external flash, audio, video, Ad rotator scripts or an entire new page as the source of their Hover Ad.

The program should allow users to create their hover ads in a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) type editor or something similar, and the user should also be able to insert external source code as the content of their ad. The user should also be able to easily ads images to their ads

The program should allow the user to insert flash, audio, and video code into their ads, providing they know how to create that type of code.

The program needs to be simple and easy-to-use for a novice or expert to create all types of ads. It should smoothly lead the user step by step through the creation process. They should also be able to move backward and forward through the creation process to make changes if they need to.

After creating their ad layout and options, they should click on a “Generate” Button that will then display the code in a text box that they can select and copy the code from. Below this box should be instructions as to how and where to paste this code into their webpage.

The code for the generated popup ads will be implemented using JavaScript and DHTML that the author can simply cut and paste into their own webpage.

The Hover Ad Generator should encode the JavaScript output so that it is not human readable.

There should be 2 versions of the utility. 1 that expires after 5 uses and one that doesn't expire.

I would also like the programmer to create the FAQ for the generator as they will be intimately familiar with the program

I am still working on the name for this program, but I will figure that out shortly.

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