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Concept- We desire a program that will allow us to create and publish websites with the following items installed automatically at the time of creation.

1. A website blog that has an automatic archival feature displayed as links in a sidebar. Links displayed should be associated with the date of the published blog/article. Links displayed should only list the 7 most recent blog/articles. The link itself should self generate as the blog is published to the website and should be titled as the date the blog-article was created. Should more than 1 article be created on a particular date the new article should be appended to each created article before it so that the archive display always show only one link for each day regardless of how many articles were written and published to the website. In plain words, we will write aricles to a blog. Once published articles are listed as links in the webpage sidebar except for that current days article that will be displayed on the website as test.

2. A comment box or CB with a 500 word limit. CB should ask for name in first line. CB should ask for users email address in second line. Cb should ask for users website in 3rd line. CB should ask for subject in 4th line. CB should display the users imputed text up to 100 characters and then truncate the rest with a link that reads "read more" automatically created and associated with the CB content.

3. Each website that is created should have the same layout but the ability to change Fonts, images, Borders, Background images.

4. Each website should have sidebar menu that allows ad displays that are non intrusive and designed to conform with the webpage layout.

5. Each website created should be able to track unique visits, repeat visits, length of stay and associate that length with individual pages.

6. Each website should have an automatic side bar with space for 10 links listed vertically and separated from each other by one row.

7. Each website should have a contact link centered at the bottom of each page and that link should read"Contact" and be associated with an email address that will be provided by us once the project is assigned.

8. Each website created will have navigation tabs across the top of the page as is commonly seen in websites and each tab will be user defined and unassigned in title. Once tab is assigned a subpage will be created with a simple title bar and a blank page that the creator can manipulate and add content as he or she wishes.

9. each website will be capable of automatically archiving itself as specified intervals.

10. Each website should also have an associated robot text file and css style sheet.

11. Each website should display the 5 most current comments accordingly with the CB section specified above. The displayed comment will show the users name, first 100 words and a link to display the rest of the comment. The users name will be linked to the website inputed by the user when the comment was created.

The object is too enable me the ability to quickly create a website landing page for each of 300 individual domains that my company owns. Simplicity is key as well as ease of navigation. I envision a site manager that allows me to quickly access and of the website landing pages I have created for my domains.

The landing pages that have been created may be hosted at different servers and must be able to be moved as effortlessly as possible. My goal is to build a website and host it at a budget shared hosting sites while the website matures. As its use and bandwidth increases I must be able to quickly move the site and content to a new host as needed.

The site manager must be capable of managing up to 500 domains. the site manager should be able to create categories or groups so that I can more effectively maneuver and access the websites. The object here is that if I create a article related to cars, I would like to be able to open a folder in the manager and have quick access to the websites that have been associated with that catagory. The site manager should have a menu that is labled reports and contain users statistics for each individual webpage. I would like the reports to contain unique visits, length of stay and on what page of that site, number of return visits, the users IP address, whatever else is easily identifiable to each user. Then The site manager should compile this data and store it in an easy to access manner. Additionally the site manager should be able to associate users IP addresses with each comment left, in case of abuse I will need the ability to quickly access any comment box and delete it from being displayed. If the method exists when a comment is deleted I would like that the deletion force the browsers of all visitors to refresh when the access the webpage including access by backspacing. The site manager should have a menu interface that allows me to change Metatags for each individual website. The site manager should be the the source that allows me to edit the individual websites and those websites pages. The site manager should have a menu that shows me a way to quickly identify bad links on any of the webpages. The site manager should allow me to custom design each website as much as possible. The site manager should allow me to create a registration procedure for each website. The site manager should allow a way to create a registered only access page associated with each website.

This is not a new design or concept and should be an easy project for a person proficient in his field. A main requirement of each website should be an ability to attach AIT's widgets or gadgets. I am not a tech person so I would specify that whatever group of web 2.0 compliant app is integrated should have a widely diversified base of programs as possible. There should be as little server load as possible so all user defined loads should be performed by the users browser. The websites landing pages should be optimized for IE, Firefox, Mozilla and Opera.

I am open to suggestions regarding the platform this is developed on. Keep in mind my tech skills are not sufficient enough to produce this on my own not load it to a server. Everything must be simple enough for me to install and get running with basic service from host providers.

Pages created as well as the site manager should all follow a windows based GUI.

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