Flex front-end for Google Earth browser plug-in.

Google Earth is now available as a browser plug-in with a Javascript API. What we are looking for is a simple front-end built in Flex that will add Google Earth KML/KMZ files to a dynamic table of contents onLoad based on a simple XML config file. Such a config file will have three pieces of information for each layer--

1. The URL of the KML or KMZ file

2. The table-of-contents Name for each layer

3. Whether the layer will be on or off on initial load.

Attached is a screen-shot of a sample application that has three layers, one of which is visible onLoad.

We are not interested in the aesthetics of the layout--just the basic functionality.

We will provide sample KML/KMZ URL links to demonstration layers.

You will deliver a compiled SWF, the uncompiled Flex application, and supporting HTML and JavaScript files.

The application will work Firefox, IE 6/7, and Safari.


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