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When Google Adsense ads are placed on the website there is no way to know what ads were clicked on by the user. Google closely guards this info. Some time ago there was an open source application called AdLogger that was designed to fill in this niche. The idea was to look at browser’s status bar to get insights of user’s actions, but Google closed this loophole by blanking out the status bar with Adsense JavaScript.

Your job:

Your job is to write the JavaScript that that would do the following:

1. The script somehow needs to catch the moment when user clicks on the Adsense ad and before the clicked URL is followed through, it should make the call to my server so, that I would log the click (example of the call: [url removed, login to view]://[url removed, login to view]). I do not mind if JavaScript makes a call for every click on the page. On the server I can easily distinguish what clicked URL belongs to Adsense and what needs to be discarded.

2. The script has to work on 6 major browsers used today (IE6, IE7, Firefox, Safari, Mozilla and Opera). IE5 may be excluded.

3. If you believe the project is impossible to accomplish then you have to provide the detailed technical analysis with examples as of why you think it cannot work. I’ll pay for either the script if it’s possible to create one, or for the analysis if you believe it’s impossible to create such script. So when you bid put your prices for both cases accordingly.


Attached to this project are three files.

1st is full installation package of AdLogger that was used before Google closed the loophole. Unfortunately, you need to know PHP in order to read the files so, for your convenience I extracted the JavaScript part and placed into the 2nd attached file. You can look at JavaScript code to get idea on how it was done in the past and may be you can utilize some parts in order to finish this project. The 3rd file is Adsense HTML ad code that Google loads into iFrame on the site to display their ads. I extracted it from one of the websites. I made some comments in the JavaScript that you can use to educate yourself on how they operate (note: this HTML code is only one of the variations that Google uses. It depends on browser, type of ad, etc. But the idea is approximately will be the same).

Please NOTE:

I will not accept excuses like “I worked hard but could not finish the project because it’s not possible to write what you asked for”. I only pay after I see full working script or full detailed analysis of why it’s not possible to create one. Put your bid prices for both cases, price for working script and price for analysis if it does not work. If you believe the project costs more then $350 then post your price and explanation.

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