Custom Joomla 1.5 Component & module modification

Our client;s site is reviewing movies and DVDs.

The current site site is only in Greek and the encoding for Greek is utf-8.

Now we are migrating to joomla 1.5.8

But we have to transfer to the new site the records they already exist to the old site. They have about 1423 records for movies they have reviewed and 5000 records for DVDs.

You can see a sample page for a reviewed movie here:

[url removed, login to view]

As you can see in this page there is a light grey table with some info.

On the right side is the image and on the left side who directed it, which are the actors, the year it was produced, how long it lasts (time) etc….

I am sending you [url removed, login to view] with the data that has to be imported and [url removed, login to view] with how the fields in the xls map in the site.

We will do the same for DVDs

A sample page for reviewed DVDs is here:

[url removed, login to view]

Here we have 3 more parameters than movies. I will send the xls file and the image with the fields mapping soon.

We need to do the following:

1. We need to import the already made records and create a form that users will add new movies and DVDs. (I would like to have an import option in the component and select if I wish to import movies or dvd)

2. the extra fields need to exist as separate fields in the table

3. Date fields need to be date and time fields in MySQL. date created needs to be associated with date created and date published with date published in com_content respectively.

4. I would like the user when he creates a new content item to add these fields and to be required.

5. I would like the user to add the small thumbnail photo (with browse and to be transferred to the site) and the url that to be saved in a different field (the path of the image in the server (relative path) (this is the field photo in the xls)

a. On the intro text the above image need to be aligned left to the intro text

b. On the whole view of the content the image will be displayed on the ID next to the fields as you see in the [url removed, login to view]

6. When a content is displayed fully we need to have the following text (this text will be automatically added by the code)

a. Before intro text  Τι; (bold and bigger as it is in the [url removed, login to view])

b. Before full text  Πως; (bold and bigger as it is in the [url removed, login to view])

7. The user will be able to add another images if he wishes in the full text (through JCE Editor)

8. The component needs to use the JCE Editor that I have installed and works fine for com_content.

I was thinking that maybe we can create a new component based on the com_content component. We won’t change the com_content because we also need default text to be added too in the site (news, interviews etc)

The extra fields that we will add need also to be searchable through the search feature of joomla

When we display movies we need to group them by WeekStarting (list blog menu)

See this link for an example: [url removed, login to view]

In the blog view we will display image thumbnail and intro text per movie. (image aligned left) The image will be applied in its original size it won’t need resizing.

I would like also to display a module that will group movies by genre. Will have a list of the genres and upon click it will display a blog menu with the image + intro text per movie (+read more link) sorted with the most recent first per genre.

The component needs to be sh404SEF ready.

Finally we need to customize 2 gavick components so it looks into the new components to display data in the frontend.

Unfortunately, my developer got married and he cannot finish this on time. I need someone to finish it by Sunday!

I would like everyday updates and msn access with you. This is not negotiable and I would like you to work over the weekend since this is a very serious project for me.

I will send the rest of the data to the winner of the project.

My budget is $300 max !!

More projects will come soon !! I am looking for a long-term business relationship.

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