Joomla / Phpprobid bridge & mod/hack


we currently requires ::

Phpprobid 6.04 and joomla [url removed, login to view] bridge component


1. User management

a. CB login module to replace phpprobid login / register

b. Add phpprobid extra user detail (if any) (not included in regular CB and virtuemart) to register page.

c. Unified session (user login via CB in the same time logged into phpprobid) one login for all.

d. Should user try to participate in an auction without logged in, it should jump to CBlogin/register page.

e. Winner of an auction should be notified by registered email. (It should already been done, if user details are also stored in phprobid user database).

2. Display

a. Featured module, Ending Soon module, latest module to display in joomla frontpage.

i. Should include a thumbnail with a couple of lines displaying trimmed description with three dots as a tail and date/time of close of the specific auction.

ii. Options for (vertical scroller) or (flat view) or (x and y table) and number of items to be display.

iii. On click to thumbnail or trimmed description goes to the relevant auction page.

b. CB plugins for user,s listed items and its status in PHPProbid auction and users bid items and it,s status.

3. Joomfish support

a. As this is a multi-lingual site, Joomfish should control language to display in phpprobid.


Phpprobid Mod

Requirement :Add an auction type: Pre-bid

For Pre-bid auction

1. When close of a particular auction, 3 types of email is needed to be sent. winner get an email, all other bidders will get an email, admin will get email about.

2. Winners email , other bidders and admin emails -> these three types of email will needed to be editable either in Phpprobid or in Joomla admin area. All emails will need to have the particular auction details. In addition to admin email, winner information is needed to be provided. All these emails have to be a separate set of email (not those build-in)

3. Only email is sent when auction closed, no payment or any other process required.

(I am guessing, that the mechanism is already built in phpprobid)

4. A “Pre” Icon to be display everywhere next to this item title. remove buyout options for this type.


Finished Components and/or modules in installation package.

Any modification of core files are required to be listed out.

Modification to files needed to be comment e.g. // start.. // end

please only bid if you understands our requirement and have experience in that.

Thank you

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