911 in need Backyard and front yard clean up

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The weeds are taller than my car ( I reference this because it is in the backyard that you'd have to be clearing out lol) the recent excessive rain and the extremely unfortunate inability/disabilities of both my husband and his grandfather (Who is the co-owner of the home with my husband and also lives here with us). My grandfather-in-law has a severe case of dementia couples with being hard of hearing so asking him is pretty much pointless. I can't blame him much though due to his health I wouldn't want him out there anyway especially with the now excessive heat we've been experiencing that's probably the worst possible place for him is outside doing the lawn work. LOL and my husband is incapacitated due to a severe case of scoliosis he was just recently diagnosed with so his back is way too bad I wouldn't want him anywhere near that yard, and believe me he's tried already to do this himself but told him I'd attempt to handle it LOL the yard is actually gotten so bad we have just received complaints from the city who got their complaints from The Neighbors unfortunately ( really wish they would have been comfortable enough to talk to us before the city but hey my grandfather-in-law can be kind of off-putting so I don't exactly blame them for taking that direction instead lol so it is what it is, and it stands where it stands LOL) hence the 911 part of the title of my project for hire ? cuz as we all know requests from the city are NOT REQUESTS they are DEMANDS lol so I would like to get this handled as soon as possible and as best as possible so as to avoid the current fine have to pay turning into a further repercussion from the city, which usually means a lean, which I can absolutely NOT let happen at this moment, I am searching for the best qualified freelancer out there on this app I can find!! So you made it to the end of my spiel, LOL so come one come all experienced in this field!! LOL fast work yet experienced, available asap and hard-working, reputable and reliable are a must!! Please do not waste my time and I Will Not Waste yours!! Only serious inquiries need contact me! I appreciate anyone's time who read this project description and offer!

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