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Long term link building project

This is a requirement for a long term link building partner. Please read and understand the full scope of this project as anyone that simply sees "link building" and bids with an obvious canned response that doesn't convince us you have read the project in its entirety, understand it well and are capable of fullfilling the requirements will likely be ignored.

We are swamped with seo business and are looking to outsource some of this to the right person. We are looking for a quality link builder that is dedicated and will provide long term high quality work.

In order to be accepted for the bid you will need to provide evidence of your dependability, proper english and ability to work within the very specific details of this project. We will start with one project and if we like your work we can and may advance to multiple projects of the same scope and detail.

This is not a "build massive amount of links for a site". This is a slow and steady link building project on a per site basis and we have many client sites that need this. The sites in question already have good page rank and indexing and we expect only quality work that will enhance this. We are not as concerned with the page rank of the site being linked from as we are the quality of the site and the long term viability of the link.

We expect this to be a bona fide link campaign not just someone to bid who has a bunch of sites with links pages that they will add the links to then expect to get paid. That means it will require some research on your part to find quality sites, some emailing to webmasters, a little actual work and effort on your part and some time to make it happen. If you cannot comply with this don't test us we will not pay for such schemes. In other words we want someone that will be a sincere partner and actually do this the right way and if so we will have a lot of work for you.

Here are the requirements for the link building:

- All Links must be permanent one way links

- Links must contain the key words that we supply

- Links must be listed/indexed on a webpage that is not just links but has text and this is very important as we do not want nor will we accept pages that are simply links or semi-quasi directories or "resource" pages which are most often just link pages. We may waive this requirement if it is a permanent link on a page which has decent google page rank but in such case we will not accept the bulk of the links to be this way but perhaps a percentage of less than 50%.

- One link per domain (different class C IPs)

- No Directories, link farms, link-exchange programs, forums, google banned site, blackhat website, porn, political extremist, religious extremist, frame site, link schemes or any illegal sites. We will check this very carefully.

- Links from websites that already contain a link to the client site will not be counted.

- No more than 30 links per page

- Link pages must be static and direct with the anchor text we provide (No string parameters, session ID's etc.).

- No redirects, JavaScript links, links on any site that seems to have incurred a Google penalty. Only ethical work will be accepted.

- All links should be free and not paid links.

- All links must be indexable by Googlebot and may not have any page restrictions like rel="nofollow", [url removed, login to view] blocking, framed or cloaked pages, flash pages etc.

- English language sites only

- No search spam

- No scraper sites, mirror sites, link farms or free for all link exchanges

- No link schemes

- No blog comments

- No directories

- No forums

- No classified ads

- No dynamic links

- No pages blocked by [url removed, login to view]

- No article submission sites

- No guest books

- No hidden links. All links must be visible and readable

- One way links, however in order to justify a quality program we are willing to offer an anchored reciprocal link on one of our sites - this will be coordinated with you as necessary

- Link pages must have been recently cached in Google (within past 30 days)

- Link Page should be able to be navigated to from the site's homepage.

- Sites must be live.

- Link page must be in good English and have sensible content

- You will provide in excel/csv format the Site Url, link Url,Number of links on page, and google's Page Rank of each site that has added a link

- You will approve through us any email query you send to webmasters requesting the link prior to initiating the particular campaign

-At least 25% of the links need to be on sites related in some form or fashion to the overall theme of the website being campaigned for

- The project is for about 25 links per site per month and bid should reflect one months work for one site, therefore we expect the bid to be on the lowest end of the proposed budget or less. But remember, this is one site bid and we expect to multiply this times many sites if you prove to be a worthy partner. Payment will be initially by escrow and then once a healthy relationship is established and long-term agreed upon will be by paypal only. Payment will only be made upon completion of the project according to the terms herein.

Please read all of the details carefully and be certain you can comply with and agree with everything stated herein before bidding. We expect no deviation from our stated terms and your acceptance of the task if we choose your bid means you agree to these terms in their entirety, we are stickler for details and choose our words very carefully and expect everyone to be held to them. Anyone placing a bid that does not fully convince us of your having read over all of these details and having a full understanding of what we are asking will likely be ignored so please take the time to not only understand everything we are asking but also to formulate your proposal to us. Remember, this individual requirement and expected bid is only for 25 quality links over about a month period but is designed as a basis for work of the same scope in considerable quantities for the right person.

Note: some are bidding $200 for this project which is a rather rediculous bid for 25 links. Others are bidding for something akin to 25 pr1 links which is rather suspect for a randomly operated link building campaign and even then their bid is rather high for 25 pr1 links- we could purchase the links outright for half of what is bid- if you are running a legitimate link building campaign and soliciting links from webmasters then it would likely be a mix of page rank anyways of which you wouldn't necessarily have control over or be able to "predict". Please be certain to read the scope of the project carefully we are looking for someone that can run an ongoing and serious linkbuilding campaign of 25 legitimate links per month per site that are acquired randomly via a linkbuilding campaign that is directly soliciting webmasters of sites that are actively found on the internet and the bid for this project should be based upon working one site at a time. We know how much time should be involved in this project and bids should be honestly reflective of this.

If you are bidding on value of PR only, then you are not in our opinion, a link builder, per se. You are a Page Rank Seller. There is a distinction to note, we do not want PAGE RANK SELLERS, we want a LINK BUILDER as we could care less about google page rank. If you are bidding on providing us x amount of x-pr sites then you are not a true link builder, you are a page rank seller as a true link builder will never know in advance what the pr of the sites will be and surely they will be a mixture of page ranks and the payment received by the link builder will be for the value of work performed, not the PR of the sites linked to. Period. Otherwise, in our opinion it is a rather unethical job occuring.

If you are a lINK BUILDER we have steady work for you, more than you can keep up with assured. If you are a PAGE RANK seller, we have no work for you.

However, if someone can step up to the plate with an honest bid that is acceptable and does good quality work for us on this project, we have two more projects ready to go immediately that are each worth double the bid we finally except on this project (assuming we accept a bid on this project because as it stands we are more inclined to continue doing this in-house), that we will also award to the winner.

Still getting a lot of $250 bids which is outrageous for 25 links so just in case anyone is listening let's make this perfectly clear.

We are not willing to pay more than $1.50 per link. We might pay somewhere between $1.50 and $2.00 but that remains to be seen.

So, for this project the bid shouldn't be more than $37.50. However, if we like the work for the first 25 links we will promise an additional 6 months of the same for the one website. Thus the actual value of the full contract would be $262.50 (37.5X7). However, just bid for one month not the full term.

In addition, if we are satisfied with the first 25 links we have an immediate need for about 150 links times two other websites at $1.00 per link under the same terms/requirements as posted herein, so there is the potential for another quick $300.00. This money is already in the bank and waiting for the right person.

And we have 350 client sites we'd like to run this program on at 25 links per month per site. If they all committed to the program and we ran them all that would be $13,125.00 per month (1.50X25X350). Our clients sign one year contracts with us and most renew. So there is the potential of $157,500 a year. Not sure anyone here can handle that much business anyways but that is the potential and what we meant when we said in our earlier section, "In other words we want someone that will be a sincere partner and actually do this the right way and if so we will have a lot of work for you."

Hope this makes it perfectly clear what our expectations of price are.

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