We am running Kannel 1.5.0 svn

We have the following kannel configuration with sqlbox, opensmppbox and Mysql running.

SMSC <----> bearerbox <----> sqlbox <----> smppbox <----> ESME

What is working

We can send a message from the ESME to Kannel then to the SMSC.

A message from the SMSC can also be delivered to Kannel then to the ESME.

What is not working

When I send a message from the ESME to SMSC, I what DLR sent by SMSC to be sent to the ESME.

Bearerbox receives the DLR sent by the SMSC, but does not route it to the ESME.

How do I get DLR from SMSC to be delivered to ESME.. I plan to have several ESMEs connected to my kannel.


group = core

smsbox-port = 15310

dlr-storage = mysql



group = smsc

smsc = smpp

smsc-id = testsmsc

host = [url removed, login to view]

port = xxxxx

smsc-username = "xxxxx"

smsc-password = xxxxx

system-type = "xxxxx"

allowed-smsc-id = "testsmsc"



group = smsbox

bearerbox-host =

bearerbox-port = 15352

smsbox-id = box1



group = smsbox-route

smsbox-id = esme1

smsc-id = "testsmsc"

shortcode = "100"





group = sqlbox

id = sqlbox-db

smsbox-id = sqlbox1

bearerbox-host = localhost

bearerbox-port = 15310

smsbox-port = 15352

sql-log-table = sent_sms

sql-insert-table = send_sms





group = opensmppbox

opensmppbox-id = osmpp

opensmppbox-port = 13339

bearerbox-host = localhost

bearerbox-port = 15352




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