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Download the source code from here and modify for following needs.

Add a table with following calculations

1 Each team in a division has a 'points total' which represents current form.

2 The 'average' number of points for the teams within a division remains constant at 1000.

3 For each match played the home and away teams contribute a percentage of their points to a kitty.

4 The percentage contribution of the home team is greater than that of the away team, and so reflects home advantage.

5 The winning team takes the complete points kitty.

6 Teams which draw share the kitty.


The HOME team begins with a points total of htot

The AWAY team begins with a points total of atot

For each match played the home team contributes x%

of its points and the away team contributes y%

( x is greater than y ).

The actual points contributions of the home and

away teams are represented by hgives and agives


hgives = x% of htot

agives = y% of atot

kitty = hgives + agives

The number of points each team receives from the

kitty is represented by hgets and agets.

If a home win then

hgets = kitty agets = 0

If an away win then

hgets = 0 agets = kitty

If drawn game then

hgets = kitty / 2 ( rounded down )

agets = kitty - hgets

( if kitty is an odd number the away team

gets the extra point )

The nett gain or loss to each team is hnett

and anett.

hnett = hgets minus hgives

anett = agets minus agives

Finally new points totals are calculated for

each team.

htot = htot plus hnett atot = atot plus anett

Some specific examples will help demonstrate how the system operates.

Consider three football teams starting out with the points totals


Starting points ....

Blackburn 1232 Each to play Oldham (478 points)

Man Utd 1804

West Ham 486

Match 1. Blackburn v Oldham - result HOME win

Blackburn ( home ) Oldham ( away )

1232 pts X 0.07 = 86 478 pts X 0.05 = 24

Kitty has 110 points

From kitty win gives 110 From kitty loss gives 0

Nett gain +24 Nett Loss -24

Match 2. Oldham v West Ham - result AWAY win

Oldham ( home ) West Ham ( away )

478 pts X 0.07 = 33 486 pts X 0.05 = 24

Kitty has 57 points

From kitty, loss gives 0 From kitty win gives 57

Nett Loss -33 Nett Gain +33

Match 3. Man Utd v Oldham - result DRAWN game

Man Utd ( home ) Oldham ( away )

1804 pts X 0.07 = 126 478 pts X 0.05 = 24

Kitty has 150 points

From kitty, draw 75 From kitty draw gives 75

Nett Loss -51 Nett Gain +51

Final points ....

Blackburn 1256 Oldham 472

Man Utd 1753

West Ham 519

Form Table must update automatically when I update football league table results I would like to archive the results for future reference.

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