Help with setting up 3rd party DNS on a Linux webserver


I have a dedicated Linux webserver running Redhat OS ES4.0.

The control panel for the server administration is WHM 10.6.0 and cPanel 10.8.0.

This server has recently had the OS reinstalled which is the main reason for posting this project as I need help with some minor re-configuration.

The different websites that were hosted on this server before the reinstallation of the OS are now being re-loaded back onto the server.

Previously (before the OS reload) the server was configured to using [url removed, login to view] as the 3rd party name server. All the domains that are to be hosted on this server currently point to [url removed, login to view], [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view] with my domain name registrar. Before the OS reload this enabled all the sites to be visible on the www that were hosted on this server.

Basically, what I need is help in re-configuring my server back to using [url removed, login to view] as the name server for my server. So every domain name hosted on my server points to the [url removed, login to view] name servers and is to be visible on the www.

At the moment the server is configured as a "slave" DNS server (I think I have that term "slave" correct). Basically my server is it's own DNS server, so all the domain names will need to have their DNS changed from [url removed, login to view] to the domain name of my server.

Unfortunately it's taking well over 48 hours for the web server as a DNS server to resolve itself which is why I would like to re-configure the server back to the way it was before the OS reload using [url removed, login to view] as the primary name server for all hosting accounts on my web server.

What I would like and find the most usefull is easy to follow step-by-step, instructions on how to re-configure my server to using [url removed, login to view] as the primary DNS for all the hosting accounts to be hosted on my server.

What I would find most useful and easiest to understand are screenshots and written instructions.

Also, I would very much like to have unlimited email support until one of my websites hosted on my server using [url removed, login to view] as the DNS is visible on the www.

Can this project be completed within 24 hours?

Many thanks!

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