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There suppose to be six diffent solutions to the following problem. All require Stochastic Modelling or Integeration.

Each correct equation will get $25 payment.

Consider a set of n customers waiting in coffee shop. Well known customers always get ahead in the wait line, and new customers keep getting pushed back.

Conisder 2 customers, C1 and C2.

C1, is a well-known customer always get ahead of C2, so each time C2's coffee is almost filled, C1 arrives, and the waiter begins to fill C1's coffee. Thus, C2's coffee takes a long time.

C1 arrives every T1 seconds.

C2 arrives every T2 seconds.

Each time C1 arrives, his order is ready in R1 seconds. R1 <= T1

Each time C2 arrives, his order is ready in R2 seconds.

R2 >> R1

The maximum times C1 arrives while C2 in line is n1 = ceiling(R2/T1)

If R2>T2, then the min times C1 arrives while C2 in line is n2 = ceiling (R2/R1).

The average it is easy. So we do not need to worry about it.

We want equation(s) that will show the MOST LIKELY number of arrivals of C1 while C2 waits for his coffee.

Thank you


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