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Please I am ill and if you do not know math well, please do not send messages or bid. I have gotten too many crazy messages.

PLEASE DO NOT BID more than $30. Otherwise, please bid on other projects.

PLEASE be KIND! Please do not ask me to select you until you provide a solution. I have gotten too many crazy messages and bids. This project needs a Math expert.

I need a math expert that can come up with a forumla but discuss it in mathmatical detail.

Problem: (the answer is NOT (n1+n2)/2 ) it is far more complicated!

In a computer system there are Jobs (Processes) that re-arrive periodically.

For example, if there are two Jobs: J1 and J1.

J2's service time (Completion time) is R2, it comes every T2 = 2 seconds.

J1's service time (Completion time) is R1, it comes every T1 =1 seconds

I want to determine the NUMBER of times J1 re-arrives during J2's time.

If J1 re-arrives periodically then n1 = R2/T1. That means J1 re-arrives n1 times. This is upper bound.

If R1>T1, then If J1 re-arrives periodically then n2 = R2/R1. That means J1 re-arrives n2 times during J2's time. This is the lower bound.

We are looking for an Equation that will show the "Most Likely value" (a number between n1 and n2).


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