Android App that reads from XML contents

Please see attachment for the application requirements

-The Android app is to be run on Android 2.1 onwards

-We're looking for someone that have done mobile app for this platform, not someone that is wanting to try

-Please show me the previous Android projects that you have done

-Very positive feedback will be given to successful providers

DEADLINE: 5th November 2010


-I have dealt with many freelancers and the terms below are meant to prevent problems and issues that we most commonly experienced with freelancers. It is not meant to scare you. This project is mean to those that are committed to deliver their job up to expectations. If you feel you can’t deliver up to expectations, please do not offer to do this job

-There shall be progress payment of 30 / 70. We do not do escrow on the initial deposit. We only do initial escrow to those that we have worked with. We only perform 30% escrow after you show us 30% progress work. We have experienced many dishonest freelancers that couldn't deliver the job and refuse to refund us, even after escrow. I hope you understand. Please learn to trust us because we have excellent rating.

-Any delay of work after deadline shall be deducted 5% daily, of the total project fee unless the delay is caused by us.

-All work/deliverables are subjected to changes. Changes that are mutually agreed as major, shall be charged with rate that is mutually agreed

-Changes are defined to be changes that is within the scope/requirements/feature, but needed to be done differently. For example, a database table to store users information that has not been normalized, needs to be normalized.

-Full payment will only be paid after we have successfully tested your code/work and we are 100% satisfied and agreed that you have meet our requirements

-Full payment will only be paid after we receive all your deliverables

-Successful deliverables means your deliverables that has 100% meet our requirements to our satisfaction.

-Very, very positive feedback will only be given to providers that 100% meet our requirements to our satisfaction

-Payment will only be performed after the deliverables has been given to us. Typical deliverables are (but not limited to) source codes and files (like .aspx, .php, .html, .java), image files (.jpeg, .gif, .png), source image files (.psd, .png), multimedia files (.mid, .avi, .mpg) and other documents (.doc, .txt)

-We do not pay if you do not deliver the deliverables. We only pay after we receive the deliverables. We do not pay for "trying", meaning if you do not complete the job requirements, we won't pay you, regardless if you have done something or not

-You must agree to cancel the escrow if you fail to deliver the deliverables or did not complete the job requirements as stated

Things you to do in your code

• You must have documentation header for each class, package, methods you created. for Java or .Net, please create Javadoc

• You must put comments on lines that is significant, like a line or section that does a specific database process

• Information for the system that you think will not be constantly changed, like server URL or IP, place them in property or config file

• Information that you foresee will change especially when you change it you cannot restart the server, then place them in database. For example, classname or username/password

• Please Don’t do hard coding

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