Create Android / Phonegap base

Goal: I need to use phonegap to submit an Android version of an already sucessfull IOS app


This project does not exactly require much coding, this is just a base project setup i need, with some components working properly ...

I have tried myself to setup a base phonegap project for Android, and some things dont make sense to me ... i have never done this for Android, although IOS works perfectly well .... so this is what i need:

1) Setup a base Phonegap project for Android using the latest phonegap library and Android SDK [if the latest is not appropriate given the information below, that is fine, but explain why]

2) Since I am not that familiar with Android, please advise me (and setup the project appropriately) what is the Android SDK version (min and target) that I should use to accomplish the following:

-- i want the app to reach a large percentage of tablets > 80%, but only tablets with screen size comparable to ipad

-- my code i will later insert was written for ipad, with fixed size of 1024x768 ... please advise me how i can keep my code the same but have it dynamically sized for android devices with varying sizes ... my Android version should only be available to those android users who have large screens, if i miss out on some smaller screen users, that is fine, i can't make the app small it has to be large ...

3) From phonegap, i only use a couple things: (1) I check network availability, (2) i use the onDeviceReady, online, offline, and resume callback functions. ... otherwise i use standard html5 with localStorage .. make sure this base project makes use of those functions and they are tested .. since i do not want to send you my app code, just use a basic HTML file like the "hello world" examples they give with phonegap, i will add my HTML/JS later

4) my app needs to access various servers, just set it up (xml file) to allow any domain to be accessed, unless there is a reason you can tell me this is not a good idea, ... you can include this in the app by doing a simple xmlhttp get request in javascript (not jquery, basic javascript) to something like [url removed, login to view] or other

5) send me the entire project, with xml files and everything else needed from the standard eclipse environment, so that

i can install and run it on my PC ... note that i have tried this already and got some errors with basic phonegap examples, so the idea here is that you need to get out the bugs

Remember the most important part here is to get phonegap to work right, and to make an app of size 1024x768 dynamically scale for other device sizes ... if this is not possible, just let me know how to target a few of the most popular large screen android devices ...

To test this, the example app you provide should be able to demonstrate that phonegap is installed and working correctly, online and offline functions work and correctly detect network outage (popup an alert) .. and you should explain how to manage different device sizes ... remember my app is fixed size HTML/CSS of 1024x768, and what i want to know is how to keep my same code, but scale it and allow it on different size android devices ... and again note i do not care about ALL android devices, only large screen tablets ... and i want the project to be setup so that it forces this constraint.

As I mentioned, there is in fact no app here, the app will not DO anything except the basic function calls I mentioned above ... i just need the base project so i can add my code ... also i need to know what AVD to use, and what SDK so i can install appropriately on my PC.

Please let me know of any questions ...

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