Using an IP/WiFi Camera for Live, Public Streaming

I'm in more of a do it yourself stage right now and not willing to put large amounts of money towards this project just yet.

I'd like to determine if the idea is feasible and exactly what steps I will need to follow in order to reach my goal.

The winner will guide me through step by step for how I would create the following website/service:

I am new to online streaming without the use of ustream, livestream, etc.

I would like to create my own service giving users the ability to stream their content to the public internet.

From what I understand, using a service like [url removed, login to view] will let me take a webcam hooked up to my computer, and stream it to the public, depending on what service plan I have with them.

Also from my understanding, an IP/WiFi Camera is useful for setting up a camera in an area with internet, without the use of a computer, and then sending the address of that computer to several users will let them remotely view the camera.

Here is an example of something that is similar to what I want to be able to do: [url removed, login to view]

There they are using an IP camera and broadcasting it to the internet. I don't believe using the IP camera in this sense requires a service like dacast since the location where the camera is, is handling all the bandwidth.

Unlike the dropcam service, I would like to have full manipulation of the stream, with things like the ability to paste the stream into a customized website, with a chat box. Or to have multiple IP cameras viewable from one website, with abilities like pause, a chatroom, and the ability to post ads.

Ideally this would be viewable from a mobile device, or tablet.

Once again I'm just look for a step by step on how to do this idea and what services I would need if any. I'm sure I can currently handle setting up an IP camera and getting it online, but to the point where I can manipulate that live stream along with various other streams, I have no idea.


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