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I am looking to develop an iPhone app which is based on a word game of my own design. I don’t expect my game, in a crowded market, to make a profit so I am looking to get the app developed at a low cost as possible.

I have finished the full functional spec, however, I do not intend to release it until I get a feel for the likely development costs. Excluded from the spec are the “usual frills” (music, help messages, high score submissions, etc) on the basis that these elements would be standard with a game such as mine.

To enable you to give me a ball park figure, please take a look at “Word Game” by Western ITS Limited. While my gameplay is completely different, the main screen, 10 rounds, countdown clock and use of a standard dictionary is similar to the single player version of my game.

However, I would also like to develop a two player version, where two games are shown simultaneously on one screen and a multi-player version where several users play against each other on their own device.

I would also like to include a free version of each of those, that contains limited gameplay, with the ability to upgrade by paying a small fee.

So, based on that information, can you give me a ball park figure? Of course, I would not expect you to give me a detailed breakdown until you had seen the full spec.

Be assured I am committed to this project and I am looking for a development partner with whom I can work closely with mutual trust. I intend agreeing stage payments for this work with the majority payable on publication.

I look forward to your reply.


Mitch Law

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