Design me an IoT system: WiFi Scales System + Cloud Based Storage/Server + Mobile app - 13/11/2017 22:43 EST

WiFi Scales System + Cloud Based Storage/Server + Mobile app

We're currently building a system for inventory monitoring and for generating purchase orders. The system employs load cells (scales) which measure weight of items placed on them. The items will be permanently placed on the scales. Several times each day the scales will send weight data automatically to a cloud server. This data will be accessible via mobile app, Android and IOS. We prefer that the scales use i2C Bus and multiplexer system, and not have a micro processor at each scale in order to lower cost. We prefer that the system is designed to power down automatically while not in use in order to conserve electrical power. All prototypes and related work must be sent to the USA for testing prior to release of final milestone. We, the employer will pay for shipping costs and related customs and taxes. More tasks added: Task 7: Design and write upgrade-able firmware/embedded software as needed to accomplish tasks and fulfill objectives.

Please view 4 attached sheets: “Concept Connections I2C MUX color” - “Concept Connections I2C MUX mono” - “deliverables”.

We are looking for freelance engineers to accomplish the tasks listed below.

Once done, tests will be conducted on the delivered prototypes. Final release of milestone will be dependent on the success of the tests:

Scale design:

1. Scales shall use mini load cells for measurement as with common household scales.

2. Scales shall not have LCD screen.

3. Scales shall not have start/on/off buttons.

4. All electronics are PCB SMD type designed with reliability and low cost in mind.

5. Embedded software language must be chosen with capability and scalability in mind.

6. All software related to scales and scale management shall be accessible remotely, by manufacturer, for troubleshooting, for repairs, and for updating.

7. System must be reliable with 99.95% up time.

8. System must be inexpensive to build.

9. System must consume minimal amount of electricity to operate, goes to sleep when not in use.

10. System must be expandable.

11. System data must be accessible remotely via WiFi.

12. System must be accessible remotely for forced polling and locating of specific scales, power management, etc...

13. System must be accessible remotely for software updates.

For information only: The scales will be grouped together and placed onto one surface with each surface having 8 to 32 scales. The entire system will have more than one such group of scales.

App Design:

2 apps one for Android the other for IOS. Tasks: Control and management of scales, update value (manual polling), Frequency of automatic polling, Tare, Zero, Search, Naming or numbering scales, etc...). Additionally, app is responsible for locating, identifying, and adding wired scales to app control panel. This operation needs to be user friendly and seamlessly executed.

A. Measuring increments = 60Gr to 100Gr (1KG scales, 10Gr to 15Gr increments)

B. All functions must lead to updated values in realtime and without additional steps or processes.

C. Update value (manual polling) might not be necessary. Instead, all data is viewed as of the last automatic update (time stamp for last update is necessary).

D. The software should be able to record weight data in real time, or with minimal delay from each specific scale.

Server/storage space:

Web space for server and storage on IBM Blue, AWS, or Godaddy. Realtime response and large enough for 1 year of data.

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