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Need Article Rewrites

I need someone to do article rewrites for me. I have many articles to do this for so I'm really looking for someone to continually do work for me for an "indefinite" period of time.

For this project I would like to do ten articles as a test of your skills going forwards, and I would like to "hire" multiple people for this task, so plan your bids accordingly.

The way this will work is, I have all these articles which I will give you the original content file for, followed by a second article which is basically a "pre-edit" that has been created by me for you to use. The pre-edit will contain awkward phrasing and be nonsensical at times, so your goal in doing these articles will be to make them grammatically correct and flow well. The final article returned to me should "read" as well as the original which I gave you, but be able to pass a [url removed, login to view] plagiarism test.

I will retain rights to publish the articles as I see fit under my own name or otherwise, and the provider will suspend any rights to the articles once they are submitted to me.

My payment structure is as follows: I have articles of varying length, some may be 300 words while others may be 1200 words. In this way it will be a scaled payment structure with the basis of $1/article for a 500 word article.

The base I'm suggesting is $1 per article assuming it is 500 words or less. This means, if you rewrite an article that is 297 or 345 or 490 or 500 words (exact counts) then you would recieve $4 for translating those for articles. However, suppose you have the first three articles (297, 345, and 490 words) and then the fourth is the one about dogs which i've attached. It is a fairly long article, MSword count puts it at 1145 words. So for this batch you get $3 for the first three articles, $1 + for the dog article i've suggested. How I would calculate the rate for the dog article is as follows:

using the $1 guideline for a 500 word article as we've stated; that suggests that each word is worth 100 cents/500, or .2 cents, which is .002 of a dollar per word AFTER 500 words. so the dog article winds up being worth $2.29. What this method ends up being is that you are being paid .2 cents for every word when an article is over 500 words. You benefit because if you do a 250 word article (half as long), you don't make 250*.2cents/word = 50 cents, you make your minimum of 1 dollar per article, plus "bonus" if it's over that 500 word suggestion. I feel this is a fair payment considering the nature of the work since it is not a full rewrite, merely a "polishing" of these articles such that they will read will and eventually pass copyscape.

The article included about dogs is an example of the original article first, followed by the pre-edit which you would be polishing per my guidelines and payment.

If there are general questions about the project overall I will do my best to post answers as time passes.

Thanks for your bids and interest in this project.


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