Text parsing with regular expressions

I need someone for text parsing.

To do this you need the following skills:

+ C#

+ Regular Expressions in c#

+ Poker, Texas hold'em

I have added a file with hand histories text files, that you need to parse. All hand history files are attached. So you don't need any poker account or try to find hand histories.

The goal are methods, that returns a (list) of game objects and one game object (see attachement for detailed description) by a passed hand history string.

You need to write one regular expression for every property and poker site you need to fill. So for example one to get the date/time the hand was played. One to extract the table name, game number, flop/turn/river cards ... and so on. Once you got the related text, you may use if clauses if you want or something like "string.contains", "string.starts"...

You need to extract all information that are stored in the text files. If there are some information left in hand history, but they can be calculated, please do so. For example if all players are folding preflop, means that no player saw the Flop/Turn/River/Showdown.

The work is done as soon as:

1. your program can successfully parse all attached hand history files and deliver a game object for each hand.

Including gameinfo object, player objects and so on... Please see attached source code so you know what a game object consists of.

2. You have described each regular expression with english words (what is this regular expression doing, and why have you build it this way). The goal on this is that even someone not knowing regular expressions could do changes.

3. You have one regular expression dedicated to each property you need to get and for each site. So you can have one to get each bet amount or action for flop, but not one to get hand id, table id at once (you need to split this in two).

4. Your source code is commented in detail.

If you have questions, please ask before bidding. Please confirm in your bid, that you have the required skills.

Kind regards,


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