Peoject manager for a potentially successful venture, income splitting opportunity

Here is the deal. We need a project manager, to take control of the whole design and application of the website that is a concept at the moment. The business plan and growth process are outlined in a summarized fashion. This is a job for entrepreneurial project managers and companies might find this more of an attractive venture. The proposal is this; The domain name is [url removed, login to view], we clearly find it attractive enough of a name to brand successfully at a future point in time. Not a developed website yet, but the plans are more or less in place and are very ambitious indeed. We all know of many such platforms already online for certain companies and from our research all seem to have profitable ebusinesses.

The premise of the service required is this: Since we are situated in Canada, we seek an Indian developer, to fully develop the platform necessary for the early stages primarily in .NET and other technologies as they see fit and compatible while at the same time attractive, and pave way for growth in further development in a reasonably fast time.

This is one project and the premise is, we give the domain name, the business plans and a generalized case study on the nature of such a service oriented ebusiness. You, as a company situated in India, design and administer the site and we co-sign a profit sharing model to be decided at project commencement and based on bids and qualifications. Since we believe this is a great business and lack the Indian liaison, we deem it beneficial to have the arrangement one of a partnership, this is the only way we can see the project succeed in design with future earnings in mind for both parties and as such, all bidders agree that no capital upfront will be provided by the poster for the design of the major platform to launch the business forward. Upon preliminary discussions, our liaisons will be beneficial in giving insight into the Indian online market, as well as trends pertaining to the model which will ultimately be decided upon, and in turn we will concert the effort around our research initiatives and adjust the plan based on projections made by the legitimately concerned partnered company in India. We believe both parties will bring expertise in their respective fields and a certain income structure will ultimately be beneficial to one of internationally contracted companies. We require a very versatile and we emphasize over and over again, a need for an entrepreneurial spirit with a sharp eye for opportunity and market analysis. Although in theory, paying for the project upfront and consulting is an option cheaper to us, we know better than that in terms of future prospects and as such we deemed it necessary to opt for profit sharing as a better model for longer term planning. We understand that given the complex situation, we may not be able to reach an efficient level of project management and ultimately profit potential should one party be left out of the incentive inherent in the benefits associated with owning the income streams generated through this venture. We do understand that many companies can outsource and in fact, might have acquired the skills already relevant to this venture and costs should not be an issue whatsoever to a company that is confident in its ability to turn a plan into a successful enterprise in ample time and share a vision of growth that we all would agree on.

I hope this is clear to all; we do not wan to delve deeper into the nature of the business and would ask anyone confused as to what prospects could a domain name such as [url removed, login to view] provide, simply not to bid. Only businesses who do understand the concept that the domain name itself suggests may apply forward, and express their views and commitment to understanding the initial premise outlined herewithin. We value opinion and a detailed prospectus or resume of the applicants in question. A partnership of equals and a leader in a growing industry is the ultimate aim of this venture and we hope to hear from qualified companies and understand why they think that they can produce such a service oriented website and corporation, by outlining their leadership in their communities, any partnerships they have formed with international companies and hopefully their knowledge of the exact platform and execution of the details to which this service will thrive better than their cobidders "initial review" as surely this will extend into more discussion of details and more intricate aspects until the final selection process. The more detailed the response and more tailored to this proposal, the more chance we will draw comfort from the professionalism of any application and especially emphasizing s summary of the technologies that could be potentially used and feel free to comment further.

Good luck to all.

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