Asterisk log reports using MS SQL2005

Asterisk call logs into a MS SQL2005 db.

The solution should parse the log files into the db (manual import), and use SQL report services to view the reports. I need help with what exacly the reports should present, below can be discussed:

Total calls

select extension (or all) between date/time show:

# Total nr calls in / out

# Avarage call time

ACD between dates:

select ACD and beween date/time show:

# Comleted calls

# avarage call time (and select between wait time and talk time)


# hang up before answered

ACD Agent

Select ACD and agent and between dates

# Logged in time

# Comleted calls

(The reason for not using already made report engines is to prepare for future analys services with other sql2005 db:s)

Deliver with basic installation instruction and 2week mail support.

Selected provider will have continue work for this applic. Asap delivery.

there is a opensource project that have exactly what i want. I would like to have it running in IIS and help with setting up Asterisk to log to the MS db directly. The two reports that i need asap is: http://www.asteriskguru.com/tutorials/queue_stats_product_overview_image274316.jpg
and http://www.asteriskguru.com/tutorials/queue_stats_product_overview_image274311.jpg

You are free to use what ever report tool you want as long as it is run in Asp.

I need full IPR rights to the application.

No provider is selected yet,

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