Good Java, PHP, Ajax & Parsing (definitely Java & Ajax)

NOTE: Please do NOT respond, if you do NOT know Java well or don't want to work in PHP. I am only looking for someone who (1) knows Java & Java Mobile well(!) AND (2) is willing to work in PHP (not ASP). Also, we need knowledge of Ajax.

This project was begun by another excellent programmer who unfortunately cannot complete the job. We need someone to continue from a very solid basis.

1) Parsing text from two different sources. Both sources will change over time, so the parser should do its work automatically (we'll time for about oncer per week). The parsed text will consist in statutes and rules in the widest sense, i.e., we will dissect laws section by section and paragraph by paragraph.

2) Website display: The parsed statutes will be displayed on a website in an easy-to-browse-through format. Some of the statutes refer to others (e.g., "see section X") and these references will be hyperlinked (which should be programmed to work automatically as well). A few additional features that will make browsing these statutes easier will be included as well.

3) Blackberry display: An toned-down version of the website will be accessible via blackberry as well. Not all the features will be available on the blackberry, but we will design a version that makes it easy and practical to browse through the statutes from the handheld device.

NOTE: You don't need a blackberry to work on this. There is a variety of blackberry emulators available on the web.


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