Patient Reminder using Asterisk

We are looking for help in building a reminder call system which will interface with our existing medical practice management system. The practice management system will use a well defined interface from mysql database. It will contain a table of structure



Phone #

Patient Name (first & last)

Appointment date

Appointment time

- The reminder call system needs to read the table, pick the first clinicid, call all the numbers under that, play a message constructed using text-to-speech (message will vary based on clinicid).

- A typical message will go something like 'This is to courtesy reminder for {Christy Jackson} about appointment with {Dr. John Doe} at {Midwest primary care} on {December 26, 2008} at {9:00AM}. Press 1 to confirm the appointment, 2 to reschedule and 3 to repeat the message. Update the status in table for the patient

- Repeat for each clinic id.

Installation - Install Asterisk server on a preinstalled linux server (will give you root access and static IP)

Configuring database connection - connection to mysql database

Configuring VOIP provider - advise on VOIP provider to use; configure VOIP connection (We donot have experience in this area and so you should have good experience with this)

Call - call numbers from the list; whether it is a live person or voice mail, application needs to speak the appointment reminder message

Text-to-speech - the message will configurable as a voice+text combination.

Confirm - After playing the message, the patient will press an option and it needs to update the status field in list with the option pressed (except status 3). If patient did not press any field, leave status field at 0.

Multiple clinics - the message will vary based on different clinic

We are very technology savvy but have not done an asterisk implementation in the past.

example websites to understand functionality: patientcall, voicent


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