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rankhunterprocom traffic generating software in vb6 or c++

traffic generation program (name will be told to winning bidder)

main actions on the program

-url(s) to send traffic to

this will be a box to where the user can add different urls that the fake visitors will go to. The ip addresses will go to each one of these urls in order from top to bottom.

-url(s) traffic came from

this is the referral sites list,so it looks like a true hit. You could put a search engine and a keyword if wanted to or put a .txt list of urls and have them randomize so each user can have different referral urls

-updating ip list

You must understand how to work with ip addresses and be able to pass them as real visitors. Must set up with me how the users can update the ip lists. Give me a updated ip list site so I can keep them fresh and when user clicks this it will automatically update the list. Also the user has the option to add their own ip [url removed, login to view] file

-browser(s) to send server header file

what is needed is a set of different browser versions to send to the server and this list also must have a randomizer option. On the bid page I listed a site where you can get any type of browser info available but if you know a better way then do it.

-op system to send server header file

I don't know if this is needed so you let me know but I want the server to count these also so in the stats page you should see different computer systems visiting the sit(s). A randomizer option is needed

-countries to send server header file

this should be a nice long list of countries so on the stats it shows visitors from all over or just from one or 2 countries it is up to the user. A randomize option must also be there.

-server status box

this is a box showing each connection in real time as it happens showing the server accepting the hit etc.

-thread amount

I need this program to run as fast as any computer can have it run so I need like thread amounts from 5-100 and the software must be able to run at those actually thread amounts without hanging.

-ranking checker

this button will actually link to [url removed, login to view] but under my websites traffic link then they can type their own in

-update checker

this was explained above in the ip list generating area

-register software

this button will bring up a pop up box which asks them to purchase the registration key. This will go to a link on my site which will be determined later. As far as the registration code generator. I actually want it issued like microsofts keys are. In the long form xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx. I need the registration generator to be stand alone so I can email the key out upon [url removed, login to view] key will be assigned to one person only so no 2 people can use the same key. I know there are ways during install to get a machines id. I need this software to not be able to be used by more then one person. So maybe if the key is generated by the machine id and can only be used on that machine? You tell me what to do for this one

-amount of visitors sent

this is just a part where you can see how many visitors are sent during the session

-voting site cheat system

I do not even know how to explain this but maybe you can. I know it has to do with the post method but you must get this to work on any and all voting type sites and this must be testing and must show proof. Cannot be spam votes or look like cheating.


what I expect this program to do for me

each ip address that is sent must act exactly like a real visitor. Must pass all spam detection and must act like a true visitor.

in server stats you must be able to see the visitors,ip,browser,country,op system and anything else that makes it a real visit.

This software must be able to send hundreds of thousands of visitors a day. This must be a maximum amount of visitors and must be tested on my server.

Hidden in the background will be my url so whenever they run the program my website will get hits also. They cannot know about this and I must be able to see where in the code this mod is set up so I can change it if need be.

A nice gui must be made. Professional with images and everything else that makes this software stand out. A nice installer with a splash screen also.

User must be able to save each session so they can keep the settings for different types of traffic sending operations.

All source code images and everything else but be given over with full rights. No reproduction can happen from this!!!!! All information that I give must not be reproduced or talked about.

Must send me samples and screenshots daily so I can see the work accomplished. And before bid is accepted you must send something so I know you understand the work.

Must be able to adapt to a change in the program if one is needed. go here if you need something to pass the header files with. You must understand this job before you try and bid. DO YOU UNDERSTAND HOW TO DO THIS JOB. I have had 2 coders fail on me so far

please downoad a sample gui of the different things that need to be on the single form here now what I need from you is an example of how you are going to do the form so I can see your creative side You must show proof of work as I have been let down twice and I need this done correctly. Download here ---> for the gui and as far as the color scheme you can work with the site colors or if you choose your own design you must change the website to those colors also that is up to you. I will not accept the bid unless you show proof with a simple gui of how you might create this and if you do not understand how to make these ip addresses that are being sent to a server act as a real person do not bid.

I would prefer a c++ program because it is much faster then any vb program and could handle much more threads. So if you can do it in c++. If you have a reason as to why it would be best in another language vb java whatever please let me know why

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