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Looking for perl/regular expression/unix/linux/freebsd apache programmer

Looking for perl/regular expression/unix/linux/freebsd apache advisor

I know enough to get by programming. I am rusty, though, often it takes me hours of digging on the internet to find the right commands.

I would like to have someone I can ask questions for difficult issue. An advisor. A troubleshooter.

This may be ongoing, but probably not too frequent. But, if your skills are good, maybe I ask you more questions. Basically I don't want to post every single question I have on GAF, so I occasionally pay for a few hours of your work and then can just ask whenever needed. Most questions just take you 5 minutes to half hour.

You must know very well

Linux system commands (freebsd is almost the same, I probably need mainly that)

* apache setup commands, .htaccess etc

* regular expressions, unix commands like grep

* perl regular expressions

* You must have FIRM understanding of issues, not just groping and guessing around. That I can do myself.

* Basically you should be a programmer

You should preferably

* be able to contact me on phone/skype/other voice service. That means you should be reachable and be able to communicate well in spoken English. Reason: it is easier to explain things on the phone then to write lengthy explanations

It is NOT required, but would be a PLUS if you

* know mysql, php

* know css (I have a site where css is screwed up in funny ways: some text becomes white and invisible in mozilla but looks all right in internet explorer. It is messy as it was created in frontpage and mixed some formatting with other machine created gallery code)

* know wordpress, know how to suggest plugins, do basic troubleshooting

* even better, be good enough to write wordpress plugins

* are not afraid of "adult" issues (this is not the main emphasis at all, but it would be good if you don't have a problem with it).

* can do basic graphic stuff, for example I need to put a foreign language text ("Compartilhar") into [url removed, login to view] and [url removed, login to view] (instead of the text that is there Share/Save) If possible, include into your bid. But, linux and perl are more important ....

* understand SEO

I have a few questions already I will put up here as an example.

You tell me

* how much you bill per hour of work

* how many hours you would bill me to answer these questions

* If you are just bidding to answer my questions or if your bid includes a few more extra hours for future additional questions.

* tell me what you know, and what you do not know. If possible explain your qualifications, what work you did, what education you have, etc.


Simplifying things, main thing I need is

====== one job an expert does in 15 minutes, it would take me half a day of reading ========

I need this:

regular expression, preferably in perl that finds

<span class="gallerytitle">

and transforms it into

<h1 class="gallerytitle">

Then finds the very next one occurrence of


and transforms it into


Note: only the very next occurrence, not all occurrences of </span>

------- original -------------------


<td align="center"><span class="gallerytitle">Visconde de Mauá: Hotéis, Pousadas, Imóveis, cachoeiras, natureza (1315 Fotos)</span></td>


------------ transform this into :


<td align="center"><h1 class="gallerytitle">Visconde de Mauá: Hotéis, Pousadas, Imóveis, cachoeiras, natureza (1315 Fotos)</h1></td>


*** the original html text is machine generated, so it probably is very regular, no spurious blanks etc.

*** let me know if this is correct css.

*** reason I do this is for seo, it should have relevant text in <h1> tags

** then I need to run this on all html files on this directory and keep a backup copy of the original file

** then I will run the same on */* and */*/* subdirectories

** you give me the commands, I run it myself

** perl would probably be best

** I then need a similar replacement for another text, but once you give me this one I might just find the other one myself

** additional simple task (unix, freebsd, linux is the same): I need to find all *.css files and append some text to the end or beginning of them. Keep a backup copy of the original file. First in one directory. Then in */* and */*/* I don't mind to give the command separately for * and for */* and for */*/*


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