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photo retoucher

I am a photographer of glamour and yes, adult content as well. I have numerous photos that need cleanup and adjustment. This starts with 108 photos covered by your bid of which I show some samples. Beyond attention to detail for cleanup I require that adjustments be in accordance with my direction. If a set has varying exposures I will choose 1 'key' image and the others must be adjusted to conform.

It is important NOT to mess with my lighting and exposure unless directed to do so.

I also dislike people who turn the model's skin into plastic. Go in and clean up the individual blemishes this is a person not a barbie doll.

Sets range from 9 or 10 to a hundred or so images. I have 20 sets with comprising over 2 gigabytes. I also have a dozen data DVDs with 36-39 photos each (6k x 3k x 48bit color film scans) to follow as well. Looking ahead there are another 20 rolls to scan.

Attached you see 3 sample photos. the originals are digital camera photos 3014 x 2016 JPG . To get this job demonstrate to me that you can find and remove the dirt , fix flyaway hair and skin blemishes.

Sample 1 is a reference image -- if you clean up sample2 the assumption is that in production you'd do #1 properly.

sample2 -- adjust the tone to conform to the look of sample1. That is for the shadows, the highlight (blasted with light to become yellow like #1) and the skin tones. Show your feel for style and glamour by making any tweaks to the subject (perhaps part of the head scarf should be lighter perhaps all perhaps none) but the crucial thing is to conform the color brightness and contrast. Don't bid unless and until you have a worked version to show me in PMB.

sample3 - this is 'mature' content so be careful about beautifying her skin. Pimples and such are ok to remove, wrinkles leave in. Adjust overall tone to a proper exposure so that the skin falls in the appropriate midtone range while leaving detail in highlights and shadows. Remove the lightstand leg. As before clean up lens dirt and show your feel for style and glamour within the 'mature' genre by making any tweaks to the subject you feel improve the image.

IMPORTANT: with your bid, either publicly or in PMB indicate your normal working hours in local time and your local time offset from GMT (I am in EST, GMT-5 and work on these things evenings nights and sundays with brief email correspondence weekday AM before 9am local). Also bid a realistic schedule for the completion of the project because I'm holding you to it. Note that I require progress shipments: as you complete a set, go through acceptance/delivery process and you will be paid pro-rata.

I want a reliable provider who can get the work done right the first time. I also want work done in a timely manner and expect reasonable communications. If a set can't be done to my requirements talk to me -- but do NOT turn in blatantly unacceptable garbage because I'll fire you immediately for non-performance. I expect some amount of go-around as long as things are reasonably close. Most of all I want to emphasize that I personally am capable of the work -- I have been in imaging since 1989; my reason to vend this out is that I don't have time to do this and the other work my business requires. So I know what is and isn't possible and about how long it'd take me (again that is why I vending this). I do not want to have to micromanage my provider and I do not want to tell my provider how to do their job. I am willing to pay a reasonable amount for the service (please don't waste my time and yours trying to hold me up for $40/photo I can't afford it on thousands of images).

NO BID ACCEPTED WITHOUT UPLOADED, to PMB, version of postersample.jpg and taylersample.jpg FINISHED PER INSTRUCTIONS ABOVE.

Talk is cheap. One provider has already shown he has what it takes.

Part of the qualification process is demonstrating you understand and follow directions.

There are NO ACCEPTABLE EXCUSES. Those who say "My mangement won't let me work until project confirmed" I say THEN DON'T BID.

I am here to do business not coddle wannabes and amateurs.

It should be obvious but I do not believe any application other than Adobe Photoshop on either Windows or Mac, version at least 6.0, is capable of performing the corrections required. Photoshop Elements doesn't cut it, neither does Fireworks.

If someone wishes to use a SciTex or other prepress station to do this, that is probably capable -- explain in your bid and/or in PMB.

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