Classified ads/products website

I need a classified ads website with the functionality, described below.

As an ad publisher I should be able to do the following:

1) Register with the website, manage (edit, update my profile - username, email, company name etc.)

2) Add/edit places where my advertised product can be found (name, location /city, address/), delete must not be possible if the a is used in one or more ads

3) Add/edit products to be advertised with the following details:

- product code (unique, numbers and letters)

- product name

- description

- product category

- place/s (see 2) - should be able to choose individual places, for city, or all places

- 2 prices - regular and promotional

- period of ad's validity (start and end dates)

- period of ad's visibility - when the ad will be displayed on the site (of course this period should contain the validity period - bigger or equal)

- ad picture (jpg, gif, png format, the uploaded file name should follow a simple naming convention and must contain the product code, so the ad product can be easily identified by the file name of its picture)

4) Import from file - ZIP containing XLS file with product details and pictures which names are identical to product codes

- existing products can be overwritten after confirmation

5) Activate/deactivate ads

6) Browse own ads by: upcoming, active, expired/inactive, by city, by category

7) To promote my products I should be able to buy credits. Each product will cost me 1 credit/day. So when I choose product visibility period, the proper number of credits should be deducted from my balance.

As a site visitor I should be able to do the following:

1) Search - by one or more words contained in the product name or description, filter by city, category

2) Browse ads by city, category

3) Add products in a kind of shopping list/cart which can be easily printed

4) Recommend to friend

5) Subscribe and get news for new products (by city, by category)

Administrator account for management of all adds and accounts (add, edit, delete, enable, disable etc.), manage credits etc.

The database should keep tracking for changes made to products and accounts - when and by whom. This should be auditable by the admin.

The site design/template should be easily editable. I don''t need special design for now, but I should be able to change/integrate it easily later.

The design itself will be part of another project later.

You can ask for anything that you think is not described, or not clear enough.

Kemahiran: AJAX, HTML, MySQL, PHP, Antara Muka Pengguna / Seni Bina Maklumat

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