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I need a Business Directory module that works with DRUPAL 6.

This module must utilize any existing functionality

of DRUPAL. You may utilize other existing modules

to accomplish this project.


A business listing is a premium feature that can be created

by an admin or a new or a registered user (permissions controlled for this are built into DRUPAL). The advertiser/user

can select a package and if it has a cost they pay for it via Paypal (we may in the future add other processing services such as [url removed, login to view] so be sure to keep this in mind when developing) or an admin can over ride payment if we got a check from the user. A user can add one or more business listings to their account. Listings are available with different premium and formatting features. Each listing must be a unique business. Also any registered user or not registered user will be able to Rate and Review the business (this can likely just use the comment function built into drupal mostly.)

Premium features are marked below with a * below. Also users can add individual display features to make their listing stand out more. These of course require additional fees as well and are marked below with * also.

We should have some way to offer FREE TRIAL LISTINGS to users. For example we may want a business to get a free listing for a year. We also need to be able to offer FREE TRIALS on Premium options

including formatting options.

We should be able to create different packages from Basic to Premium packages that offer different formatting feature upgrades,and premium upgrades. EAch package should have a Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly option for payment. We will also have to configure prices for each individual premium upgrade if a user selects a basic

package and just wants to add a premium option to it they need to be able to do this.

We need to be able to browse BUSINESS LISTING by Categories. Each business listing has a TEASER VIEW (the one which shows up on the category page and a full listing (its own profile page basically with all the details of the business) like Citysearch offers.

CATEGORIES (use taxanomy likely)

? Parent Category

? Category Title

? Description


Each business listing can optionally be assigned and owned

by an existing user. It is automatically assigned to the

user who creates the listing. If created by an administrator

or staff it is assigned to them and can be changed in the

future if need be.

We should be able to add new custom fields in the future if we want from admin and assign them as Regular or Premium fields and then assign them to a different Premium package if we like. This functionality is pretty much built into an existing custom field module in DRUPAL I believe.


Business Title

Street Address

Category (select one or more depending on PREMIUM package purchased)

Description (limited to 25 characters. We should be able to change this if we like from the admin.)


State (select from a drop down)

Postal Code

Country (select from drop down)

Stats: Views (How many times the listing has been seen. Each time the listing is seen. Basically like an impression.)

Stats: Clicks (How many times the listing has been clicked on.)

Expires (This is the anniversary renewal date. When the listing expires the user should be sent an email to renew it. This email should be sent out 7 days before expiration.)

* Photos (Allow users to upload multiple photos (The number of photos allowed will be controlled within the premium package selected.) and apply captions to the photos.

* Website (The website of the business being listed. Should use a redirect click function to be able to track clickthrus.)

* Contact (Allows registered and unregistered users the ability to fill out a form online to contact the business and it emails directly to the business without the business' email having to be put out online to be spammed. You could use the DRUPAL contact module for this.)


If you the programmer have a better idea how to make this more adapting to future fields so we can easily add formatting features to new fields in the future please do so using existing drupal functions if available.

Formatting: Title (Advertiser can select from available fonts, font sizes, bold, italic, and underline options. These options will be limited by our settings we setup in the admin.)

* Formatting: Description (User can select from available fonts, font sizes, bold, italic, and underline options. These options will be limited by our settings in the admin.)

* Formatting: Border (The user should be able to select the Border Color for their directory listing on the category page as well as style be limited by our settings we setup in the admin.)

* Formatting: Picture (This allows the user to select a picture to upload that will show up in their ad. The size limit and dimensions will be determined by our settings we setup in the admin.

I would like to have google maps integrated into the listings that will be shown for businesses and show it on the page so users can find directions how to get to the business.

When any user is creating a business listing the creation process should work similar to CitySearch as shown here:

[url removed, login to view] It uses

ajax and updates as you change things. Any formatting settings

that the user updates would reflect in the preview on the side


Kemahiran: AJAX, Semua Boleh, MySQL, PHP

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