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Finish a Link Directory Site (Final Parts) (Budget Limit 700$)

1-Admin Panel

Finish my pending links tab (when user submits a link the admin has to review the link before is accepted (is almost done just a small part is not working properly) , enable the editions fields they are currently disable.

Fix a bug in my link submission and data exporting tab s (remove characters in the link)

Encrypt the admin user and password with a recovery by email. Change the user and password from the Admin Panel. Validate the login access with a Security feature (The best that you can consider)

Set a cron job for the health/size checking

(Critical) Correct the bugs in the link health and size checker (8 domains) is all done but bugs remain they has to work properly, (I have one script that can almost do the whole work without bugs I will sent this script to you) add two more domains to the health check.(pm for the domains)

Add a ajax or php loader for the comments in the admin panel (so the admin panel is more efficient)( the comments are loaded on request)

There is a small bug in the time of the health checking instead of saying for example: minutes ago (for a recently checked link) it says years ago.

Bugs in my comments and link reporting tabs (submitted links are appearing as reported links and comments)

My Popular Search Tags tab it has bugs, it has 3 types of search tags: 1-Search tags that has results 2-Search tags that don’t have results 3- Blacklisted tags that don’t appear has to appear in the site (in the tab it show search tags with no results but the tags indeed has results fix this issue)

(Made the search for search tags with no results more efficient currently is very slow)

(Compatibility issues with international characters, made them compatible with international characters)


Friendly URLs for all the Main links. There are ten links that have to be properly converted to friendly Urls, add www.

The search result has to be converted to a friendly url

The template is not properly viewed in all browsers, Fix the template so it can be viewed in all browsers according to the standards

In the Link Page, there is a small bug (change a character) and set a limit for the characters in the comments

Links submitted by users are also published in the forum (phpbb3).

There are seven fields that the user submits that has to be published in forum after the admin review of the submission

Add ajax for the link submission

Fix my user submission page (restore a previous removed checking image(add ajax), it has to work properly with the admin pending links tab, remove characters from the link(this is almost done)), Separate Categories and Sub-Categories , Put a Server Side controls for the links submitted( just characters limits and no free spaces in between links)

No closing window message when an user submits a link(while the link is health checked) and (no go back message after submission)

Fix a small bug in the template of the search results (the search results frame has a bug is not properly viewed in all browsers also it has to stretch according of user screen resolution) ( currently is not working properly because of a bad friendly url)

Add a pagination for comments (I already has the pagination done for another part of the site)

Create a 404 (Page Not Found) Error Page(is a simple one)

Fix my RSS links (is almost done) add the rss image and link in the home page

Add to pages Latest Added and Top links Page per Category (They are already done but without categories) it has to be implemented with a link pointing to the pages (the links has to be inside this pages )

Encrypt the Protect Links Pages: (in the source code only the link needs to be encrypted and NOT the rest with a simple ASCII encryption) I have a partially done file that does the job

Fix the login/sessions issues (bugs) with internet explorer and other browsers (I can’t properly login with Internet Explorer especially)

In my Directory Page add sub-categories pages (The categories page is already done)

(Small Bug) Fix in my navigation bar image (the image is out of synch)

I want only one file where I input the the user and password for the mysql database and the fullpath, currently i have to edit several files to do this (pick only one file that I can edit for this)

3- Security: disable the listing of the directories in the browser with the htaccess file.

Do a simple checking of the forms and the php files for xss attacks(cross site scripting ) and sql injection attacks vulnerabilities

No design needed


1. All payments are through GAF escrow only.

2. Under no circumstances will funds be released from escrow until the project has been fully completed. (It has to be verifiable)

3. Prepayment is not an option. (This is a deal breaker if not follow)

4. A missed deadline will most likely result in a lost project.(be very careful in estimating the project deadline if you has more questions PM me)

5. A partially done project would not be accepted. (This is a deal breaker if not follow)

6. You have to agree to the terms before bidding

Admin Panel

Bugs in the links and health checker for direct links

Small bug in displaying the sub-categories

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