Install SocketMail, an SMS script and do some PHP modification

Please bid only if you have previously worked with socketmail or have the right expertise to complete this project.

The winning bidder will have to agree to and sign an NDA before working on this project.

Also, you have to be communicative, and since I do understand and sometimes do PHP programming, it would be best if you discuss with me before taking any course of action to complete the project.

For those who know what they are doing, this project is pretty simple and has three parts:


One part is to get socketmail to work on my server. SocketMail is already installed and it is able to send out email, but it doesn't receive emails. You'll have to make sure that the email is not just sent out but is also received.


The second part of the project is to install and then do some modification on a simple php SMS script (web to sms, email 2 sms) used to send SMS from my domain.

I have used that script and it is working on one server (which means sms is received by the end user). The script does not work on 2 other servers.

On the servers that it does not work, a user is able to go through all the steps of sending an SMS and after pressing submit, the landing page does say that SMS is sent, but the SMS is never received.

You are supposed to be the expert in this, but it is my understanding that the SMS script does not work on my other servers is "probably" because of php configuration.

On one of the server that this script used to work I noticed that when I upgraded PHP, that's when the SMS stopped going out. If you already have an insight into why this happens then that would be a great plus.

The software utilizes web (email) 2 sms, and it may have to do with permissions or configuration of php mail or MIME type configuration on the server itself.

You can have access to the server on which this script works and also to the server on which this script doesn't work. You can play with Unix and PHP configuration from there. That way you can do comparison and figure out and make it work.

If you will be working from India or any foreign country, we can add your carrier to the list of carriers the software sends SMS to. That way you can test the SMS script.

Once you get the script to work, then there's the third Part:


You have to integrate socketmail and the sms form.

Add a link in socketmail to send SMS. Upon clicking that link the sms form is to be loaded in the user panel and the user can fill out and send the sms.

You also need to create a database field in the preexisting email messages table and save the phone number the user sends out the sms to. Then everytime the user logs in, the previously sms'ed list of phone numbers is preloaded via a drop down (that would be the send sms 'to' field).

Since I have programmed PHP in the past, I am open to you creating a new table altogether (for sms) instead of addding the field to the preexisting email messages table. That would be your choice but let me know why you decide one way or the other.

Finally, the sms sent by the user is to be stored in a separate sent-sms folder. It would be a good idea to leave the email-inbox and email-sent folders as is and create a new folder for sent and received sms messages.

To sum it up, this project is designed to provide a user with a working inbox for sms messages as well as an email account on my website. The interface will be used to send SMS messages as well as collect the responses in the inbox when the users respond to those SMS messages.

Again, communication is a must. Whoever has the required skills mentioned above and is willing to finish the project faster than anyone else will get the project.

Please note that payment will only be made once the scripts are installed and functioning just as described in the description.

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