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226973 PHP Modifications Needed

Presently, I have a basic CMS system which is working, but needs some

modifications. It was created inhouse and consists of about 5 pages.

The way it works is that there is an 'author' and an 'admin'. The admin

creates the titles for articles. The author then comes and writes the

article for that title.

The admin has a backend where they can presently:

- add titles

- delete articles

- add articles

The author comes on the front end and is given an article to write. They

submit it and after various checks, it is added to an article file-directory.

When a visitor comes to the site, the article file-directory is read to

show them an option of pages.

There is no database involved, but the site is built depending on what

files exist.

These are the changes that I need made:

1. Adjust the FCKEditor (on the admin) so that the same buttons are showing as

are showing on a different url which I will show you.

2. When admin creates a title, a check should be made to make sure that

the title is not blank and the created filename is also not blank.

3. On the author's article creation screen, pressing refresh creates a new article. This

should not be happening.

4. There should be an option in the (static) settings file to choose the minimum length

of time between when articles are pinged. At present, each article is pinged

as it is created.

5. There should be an admin screen which shows which articles are and which articles

are not yet indexed in Google.

6. At present, an author can not add more than one article after adding the

first one even if there is another one to do. This may just be a simple fix

making sure that the form is shown.

7. There should be an option in settings so that the admin can review articles

before they are live. This then also needs a dashboard so that admin can say yes

or no. Admin should be able to choose whether to activate this review option or not.

8. When articles are submitted, <a href or the equivalent forum code should be

looked for by using a regular expression to make sure that no links are submitted

as spam. If they are, then the article is not submitted.

9. There should be an option that the admin can activate so that an author has to submit a captcha

10. Before adding an article, a check should be made that it is not a duplicate.

In addition, I need a page created similar to the author's article submitter, but

this time the author can create his own title.

I realize that without seeing the script it is a bit difficult to make a bid.

However, I can assure you that the coding is well formated and commented. The authors

article submitter is around 200 lines. In my opinion, the above will probably take 3-5 hours.

Please only bid if you intend to do more modifications as and when needed (obviously

for further pay) as I would very much like to continue working with just one person

on this script.

Please don't hesitate to PM me if any of the above needs clarification.

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