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373382 Clone E x a m i n e r

I am looking for someone to create an exact clone of E x a m i n e r - every detail, along with a robust back-end admin page that will be described in detail.

The first step of this project is to make an exact clone. Once clone is exact, I will have you make custom STYLE modifications so that the site is unique. The reason that I want an EXACT clone initially, is so that there is no confusion about what I want. Make it exact. Then we will modify it.

E x a m i n e r is a news site that utilizes 'volunteer' writers who are approved by the admin, who write articles for the site, and are compensated based on ad revenue.

An important part of this site will be the 'local' sections. There should be a local section for every major city in the country (like Examiner). In the beginning, while there is little-no original content (since we wont have volunteer writers), I will have you provide links to 'Local News' just like E x a m i n e r does for the city of Philadelphia. But instead of opening up new window, window will open inside of our window - so that we don't lose the viewer.

You must become intimately familiar with the donor site, including signing up for an account, and writing an article for them, so that you know what you are suppposed to create.

During the second part of the project (customization), in addition to style modifications, you will add a craigslist-like script, so that every city section allows viewers to submit and read local classifieds just like craigslist. But every page will have google ads.

There will be a backend admin section that is very robust. It will be very user friendly and allow admin to easily approve and modify and delete new writers, ban writer (by IP address), edit/delete writer's content, total page views per day, week, month, year, view page views for each article, page views for each city, top 100 page views on the site, total writers, total click-throughs to ads, click throughs per article, per writer. Be able view all writers, search writers by name, city, content area. Be able to send mail to all writers, individual writer. See total ad revenue too. Writer will get compensated each month. Payment will be automatically sent by (you choose)unless payment is less than $20. It must be completely automated. Must be able to see how many total articles there are, new articles written per day, per week, month, year, search articles, delete articles, edit articles, view articles my most page views,

Initially, you will set it up so that we use Google ads on each page.

The writer will get 50% of all ad revenue. this amount will be adjustable from the admin page.

You must make certain that each writer is only getting paid for what they deserve. (you must understand how google ads works (unique visitors, I.P address etc...). Make sure that no more and no less than 50% is sent to writers. You must make this turnkey for me, and fully automated.

You will make it so that this page has the ability to run without admin intervention if admin is feeling lazy. Everything MUST be automated.

All writer's articles will be linked to their local sections. Every article that has ever been written will be linked to the writer's personal page - I want to make sure that we have good search engine searchable content.

I will put full bid amount in escrow.

I will pay by escrow after completion, upload and debug. Your bid will be paid after project is complete.

Escrow will be released to you when full website is complete, debugged, and uploaded to my server to my satisfaction.

I must emphasize, all software must be self contained. No outside services should be needed. You will put all software on my server(s). You will need to install/configure anything/everything that is necessary to make script work.

Code must be modular and elegantly organized, and easy for a novice like myself to sort through.

You will stay within your time schedule. No exceptions. If you are beyond your deadline date, I reserve the right to void and null the relationship and get escrow funds back.

All rights to software belong exclusively to me. You will not be able to share any part of any of this project with anyone else. I want 100% source code. No encrypted files.

Kemahiran: .NET, Semua Boleh, ASP, MySQL, PHP

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