1/2 Ebay auction Website Clone Exact look a like, No Flash Some Minus some if the Features -Community -Help ect...

The auction bid will included your price to install it on my godaddy server. please tell me how soon you can have it done. If you can get it done sooner I might choose you instead...

I'm looking for a exact Look alike of ebay. ALL the same Registration Process (seprate auction)(Call Cell,Check browswer Ect.., Listing, Buying, Mesages all same, but in three different auctions. Everything the same the Look and table size ect, writen in the same laungue as ebay. I do how ever want to be able to change the tables, colors atributes, ect so what ever is the best to use let me know before hand, If what ebay uses won't allow me to change the site around I don't wat to use it, No flash Installed anywhere only java or what ever is easy to change Myself by hand! No copywrite notice in the script or junk links. I want to know where the code is in the script that changes all the table, Size, links ect so I can change it or remove links myself if I don't like them.

Installed and working on your server then when it complete and I see theres no issues, then if it is ok, pay you to upload the files to my server. I'll be creating three websites in three separate bids.

1. All the pages ebay has excluding the I don't need area below+Database+myadmin (With all links to the my account area there but not Linked yet) 1st auction (With separate /Login/Website)

2. Myaccount area, Security Messures 2nd auction/ (With separate /Login/Website)

3. Help+communty static searchable Database... 3nd auction (With separate /Login/Website)


Things I want added

# Box where you input your laungue and a button on the front page that changes the whole site to that laungue.

#Where it says Edit in my ebay use a palet and have it change the whole site instead in just one table.

# In the footer are say footer goes here so I can put a footer in later

# I want check out invoices ect, to lead to the second website and auction. How ever Placing a bid sending a message system, sell a item, will be in the first auction.

# Only basic registration, No credit card info, all this will be in the second site when a seller wants to sale or a buyer wants to finally buy they would have to give all those details their in a second account.


"Things I "don't need" on the (first) auction website or thisauction bid."

In the listing area, No Item Specifics, In the Describe Area no Html is allowed, no Listing Designer, No Giving Works, No Skype, No Sales tax, From Decide how you'd like to be paid I want all that included except for the tax area.

In review my listing i only want, How your listing will appear in search results, and final flat rate fees

# No save and compleate later option, They can just revise it later....

# No Fees will be charged but for photos and a Flat rate final fee. When the buyer checks out I want it automatically split or separated and removed from the final payment value the seller sold it at and sent to my account when the buyer checks out. I don't want the fees to tally up the way ebay does it. In My admin I want to change the flat fee rate/percent [url removed, login to view] ect. I want to add my own values.

# No special Features anywhere on item Like bold ect.

# No classic templetes

# No Motors area

# Html allowed in the decsription.

# No footers Just copywrite notice.

# Everything with a rounded corner effect "no" squared corners anywhere but the frount index page. I want it all in square boxes.

# No Communty

# In Help No Data There, Just the same java links & Size they use. I'll input my data later.

# In my ebay Tabs Must be the same size as ebays on my screen. In My ebay Instead of the java drop down menu just make tabs on top for them.

# Ebay has a drop down menu button usallly on the left hand side, that points down then up when finished. I don't want this anywhere on the site.

Nothing in the footer created but just copywrite notice:

# No goverment relations

# No toolbar

# No Deals Area

# No Back ground images/Photos any where on the site. Just the links...

# No stores Area

# No Live Help

# No Classified add section Forum

# On Front page. the only thing I want is, Log in/out in the upper right hand corner, In three three templetes below, buy it now with search feature, Just listed no search feaure, Items listed localy Search my zip coad box+100 mile ratius...

# where it says (We're changing eBay! See how we're making a change for the better. Switch to the new version of this page) I want the new version not the old at all. With the Java scrollable slide show under the photo like they have.


If theres anything that can be linked and included in the second site that will lower the price on the first auction please send me a mesage what you what to exclude and if I agree place the bid, since I would want to lower the price any way i can.


The site will on three different servers so I want three different Websites that look like one with a sign in one each.

1st website. Auction


2nd website. Account information, Security Mesures, Check Out, Payment System,


3rd website. Everything in the footer area including Security center, Live Help, Help, Community, Frequently Asked Questions, Site map, Seller Resources,Shipping Center, Seller Education , Contact ebay dropdown menu, All these static will look the same as ebays but with blank pages so I can fill out my own terms.

I'll be paying for each seprately and Half befor install and half after install

Kemahiran: .NET, ASP, Java, Javascript, PHP

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