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This document is not meant to be prescriptive but seeks to provide a broad set of guidelines within which web designers can be technically and artistically creative and suggest and provide a cost effective web solution.

It should also be noted that:

(a) Unless otherwise stated the successful supplier will be expected to provide all the facilities specified in this document, i.e. none of the required or stated infrastructure currently exists.

(b) Wherever possible suppliers are required to base their solutions on an open system architecture which enables the web site to be ported to different host companies

(c) Where it is not possible to provide aspects of your solution based on an open infrastructure then this needed to be clearly stated as well as the rationale and benefits of the approach you have chosen to adopt.

(d) You will be required to provide support (including periodic upgrades) for your solution for a minimum period of two years

(e) Your solution should require minimal support from staff and Customers should be able to make to readily make changes appropriate role with minimal specialist support.

1. Introduction

Critical to the success of our web strategy is the creation of a website which is:

 Simple and intuitive to use

 Attractive to our customer group and sustains their interest (“stickability”)

 Accessible either via the laptop or a mobile

 Communicates effectively with our customers

 Easily upgraded

 Highly secure

 Facilitates communication to our customers via text or email

 Integrates with yet to be created customer databases

 Easily used and administered by internal users

 Ability to track users of the site as well as their related activity

The following document provides further details on the framework specification for the website.

2. Customer View

From the external customer point of view the website will be divided into following primary sections:

 Home Page

 Products and Services

 “Your Finances” Customer Screen

 Contact Information

 Regulatory information

Other information that will be included on the website includes links at the bottom of every web page to the following information:

 Commitment to our customer charter (including our details of the charter)

 Statement on Data Protection

 Statement on the use of the website

2.1 Site Image and Branding

Key attributes of the brand are:

 Family oriented

 Friendly

 Professional (but not dull or “stuck in the mud”)

 Secure

 Supportive

3. Home Page

It is envisaged that the home page will be largely static with the company logo prominently shown on either the top right or left of the page.

Information contained on the page will include:

 Who we are

 What we do

 Our Values

 Our Customer Charter

Therefore the website will need to enable users to both easily provide the above as well as continually change its content.

4. Products and Services

The Product and Services web page will be used to highlight introductory product and services as well as our flagship APR rates.

It will also provide details of product and service news to customers in a static, banner or scrolling information manner as well as general marketing information and promotions.

A key feature of the products and services will be a repayment calculator which would provide customers with the following details:

(a) The ability to input the amount that the customer would like to borrow.

(b) Display the amount the customer would have to repay on a daily, weekly or monthly basis

(c) The standard applicable APR

It should be noted that the system administrator should be able to vary the minimum and maximum customers can borrow for standard product as well as the applicable monthly APR.

5. “Your Finances” CustomerScreen

The “Your Finances”customer portal will be the main entry point for our customers into their financial world and we believe that the creation, look and feel as well as the services of by this screen is very important and must be unique.

Vendors are asked to confirm that there proposed solution meets the criteria detailed in the section below and to provide details regarding how this will be achieved.

Vendors are also asked to provide any additional information or suggestions that would enhance both their proposal and screen proposition.

5.1. Customer Login

Customers will be expected to enter the portal using the traditional login name and password entry approach commonly associated with this type of website.

5.2 Statement of Account

The portal should allow customers to gain access to their account details. The proposed format of a customer's statement will be provided and discussed with the successful vendor but should be based on standard bank accounts.

5.3 Product Offers

The portal should provide customers with details of relevant and new products and services as well as relevant information.

This information can be provided in either static or active format.

5.4 Credit Rating

The portal should provide customers with details of their credit history and how this has varied for the past twenty four months.

Details of this aspect of the project will be discussed with the successful vendor in more detail later

5.5 Product and Services Calculator

The portal should also include a product and services calculator which should accept promotion codes, the type of product and the amount that the customer would like to borrow as an inputs to calculate and present to customer the options of daily, weekly and monthly repayments.

It is envisaged that the interest rates, products and promotion codes applicable to a customer would be accessed from relevant databases.

5.6 Know Your Customer (KYC) Information

A key requirement of the financial regulatory authorities in the UK is for financial organisations to “know their customers” in order to counter threats such as financial fraud and money laundering.

Therefore the web site/database application should be able to collect the following information (as a minimum) from our customers:

Customer name, address

Telephone number (landline and mobile)

Utility Bill (Water, Electricity, Gas)

Passport details (Nationality, Name, Passport Number)

Driving License details

Banking and Bank Card details

Wage Slip details

National Insurance Number

Your solution should also enable staff and colleagues to easily add or delete fields as required without the need for specialist support.

5.7 Responsibility Check

Customers will be asked to provide details of their financial details the exact nature of which will be discussed with the successful vendor.

For an indication of the detail associated with the Responsibility Check please see the First Direct Monthly finance management tool on their website.

5.8 Product Terms and Conditions

Customers should be able to view the terms and conditions of the product or service being viewed by the accessing tabs at the bottom of the relevant page.

5.9 Contact Us

Customers should be able to access the Contact Us web page utilising tabs at the bottom of the relevant page.

5.10 Account Manager Details

Details of our customer's account manager should be provided in the portal.

5.11 Customer Data and Password Security

A major imperative of the “Your Finances” Screen is that customer access and our customer data secureand protected at all times.

It is also expected that customers will prompted to change their passwords at least every three months and also have the ability to request a password change once they have answered the appropriate security questions.

5.12 Customer Charter

This web page will provide details of our customer charter.

5.13 Help Facilities

It is likely that our customers will require assistance in using the customer portals. Vendors are asked to provide details of how a help facility will be incorporated within their website design.

5.14 Text and Email

The website should be able to allow products and services updates (new products and payment repayment alerts and updates) to customers via email and text.

5.14 General Considerations

For security and marketing purposes there is a requirement that all activity of customers using the “Your Finance” Screen is able to be tracked.

6. Verifying Customer Bank Account Details

A critical part of the customer acquisition process is the ability to ensure the accuracy of the banking details provided by our customers in real time.

It is believed that there are two possible options for achieving the above objectives in an automated manner both of which require linking the website directly to either:

(a) A financial payment intermediary such as Paypal who thenhave the responsibility to ensure that the customer bank details are accurate and exist or

(b) Merchant Services where the website is directly linked to a customer's bank via the merchant services provided by one of a variety of high street banks

Vendors are asked to provide details of which option they will use in development of the website and the rationale for their decision.

7. User and System Access

It is a key requirement of any proposed website solution is that staff are able to input the all the information detailed in Section 5 above utilising their own unique username and password.

Additionally all the activity of users should be logged and the appropriate levels of security, profiles etc. should be able to set by the system administrator for various users.

8. Contact Us

This web page will provide customers with details of how to contact either via email, telephone as well as our address.

9. Regulatory Statement

This web page will provide customers with details of how products and services are regulated.

10. Data Protection

This web page will provide customers with details of our policy on Data Protection

11. Use of Site

This web page will provide details of how the site is to be used, its roles and responsibilities as well as its liabilities.

12. General Web Page Requirements

All web pages should enable customers to access the following information via links at the bottom of the relevant web page.

 Contact Us

 Statement on Data Protection

 Statement on the use of the Site

Should the customer be on a page which contains one of the items listed above then this options should not be presented as an option at the bottom of the web page.

13. General Site Requirements

The following section details the general requirements of the website.

 Security and Management Information

Thesite is expected to be resistant to external and internal security violations (including spam attacks, hacking etc.) and any such violations are to tracked as well as the source of the attacks identified utilising on line management information and in built site tools.

 Site Utilisation

The site is to be provided with management information that enables the tracking of customer activity on its website.

 Technical Requirements

While it is not the intention of this document to specify the detailed technical solution and architecture for our web site and related applications our strong preference is to have a web solution based on an open source web application such as Joomla.

Should vendors not choose to provide an open source solution then they should provide the details why their approach would be more beneficial to our company than our chosen strategy and should quantify any potential benefits.

 Site Up Time and Resilience

The Service Level associated with the up time of the site should be in excess of 99.999% and connectivity to the site is expected to highly resilient with no single point of failure.

Vendors are required to indicate how the above requirements would be met by their proposed solution.

14. Training

Vendors are required to provide details of the training that they will provide to users.

15. Screenshots

Where ever possible vendors are asked to provide sample screen shots of their proposal solutions as this will definitely enhance their proposal.

16. Project Implementation Timescales

Vendors are required to provide:

 Details of their timescales for completing the above scope of work

 Highlight any project activities which are on the critical path

 Key responsibilities of us the customer

17. Prices

Vendors are required to present their charges and state that these are total and complete and inclusive of VAT if applicable

18. Terms and Conditions

Vendors are required to provide any relevant terms and conditions associated with their proposal.

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