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298875 French Real Estate Site

Following are my thoughts on what I want/like:

I like certain things about the site at Specifically, I like the way the detail page looks when you have searched for a property and then have clicked for more information on a specific property. Very clean and nice looking. I haven't found another detail page that I like any better than this.

I want to have a button for people to click on for each property to show the location of the property. I think the best online maps for France are at It would be nice if they could print out a map with the location of the property/properties that they are interested in marked on the map. I like this particular map because you can zoom in or out, and they tend to have the details for even the smallest village in their database.

I would like to have buttons to click to choose which language you would like to use on the site. Especially French with a French flag, and English with a flag made up of half a British flag and half an American flag. It would be nice to also have Spanish, German, Italian, and Dutch. I must have the French and English - the others are just extras.

I want a client to be able to save their searches, and their "shortlist". [url removed, login to view] has this.

I want to be able to have the database of properties so that I can have as many different agencies and/or individuals with their listings as I want. I plan to charge for agencies and individuals to list their properties on my site. I would like for them to have a page to tell about their agency in addition to having their various properties listed.

I also want to have a "Request further details or viewing appointment" form like they have on

I want to have a further detail option like on [url removed, login to view]

For the basic search, I want the client to first choose the "Type of Search": Buy, Rent long-term furnished, Rent long-term unfurnished, Rent short-term/vacation rental.

Then the Quick Search or Basic Search:

Region - with a pull-down menu listing all of the regions of France (I can provide).

and Department - with a pull-down menu showing all of the departments of France (I can provide).

and City/Ville - with a pull-down menu (I can provide).

and Arrondisement for Paris searches (I can provide).

The above go from most general to most specific, so a person could choose which criteria they would like to zero in on for location. They would obviously not need to choose but one of the above criteria.

Additionally, I would like a clickable map of France with the regions in different colors and the departments outlined within the regions. I would like for someone to choose to use the clickable map instead of the pull-down choices if they want. This is because some people who want to move to France are not familiar with the names of the regions and departments, but can pick on a map where they would like to look.

After the location is chosen, the other parts of the basic/quick search would be:

Price: from block with zero filled in as a default, and to block for them to fill in the maximum price for the property, and an option to choose "show all".

Then a pull-down menu for "Type of Property", with the following types:

Flat/apartment - historic

Flat/apartment - new construction

Land for building

Business premises


maison de village (historic townhouse)



modern house

modern townhouse

agricultural property


After that, there should be a block to check to "show only properties with photos".

a block for "show only properties with video"

a block for "show only properties listed within the last month"

I like the page you get on [url removed, login to view] after you make you initial quick search. For instance, [url removed, login to view]

For the Advanced Search, I would like to have the following, and maybe the ability to add or delete categories within the advanced search in the future:

These are not in a particular order at this point:

Outbuildings? choice of any, yes, no

Electricity? choice of any, yes, no

Sanitation Type? none, city sewer, septic tank

Cellar? any, yes, no

Garage? any, yes, no

minimum WC - choice of any, 1, 2, 3+

minimum salle de bain/bathing room - any, 1, 2, 3+

Habitable living space - have listed in both meters squared and square feet. Have so you can enter in one, and the other will be automatically calculated.

minimum number of rooms other than kitchen and bathrooms (called pieces) any, 1, 2, ...., 10+

minimum bedrooms any, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7+

Floors/stories any, 1, 2, 3+

pool any, yes, no

type of kitchen any, equipped

land area have in both acres and hectares and meters squared, and instantly convertible when you input one of them. any, less than 1000 m2, between 1000 m2 and 5000 m2, and between 5000 m2 and 10000 m2

State of Repair: pull-down menu with the following:

any, no repairs needed, ruins, complete renovation needed, partial renovation needed

Year or Century of Construction year if available, otherwise, choices of century back to eleventh.

Construction Material any, stone, stucco/rendering, wood, other

View any, yes, no

lake/river any, yes, no

coastal location any yes, no

air conditioning any, yes, no

type of heating, any, fioul, gas de ville, electricity, other

exposure any, south, ...

fireplace any, yes, no

and things specific for apartments:


elevator/lift any, yes, no

parking any, exterior, garage

storage any, yes, no

terrace any yes, no

date available

We would like to be able to have clients who are looking for property tell us which department(s), or village (s) that they are looking at especially. Then we would like to be able to send a notice to these people as soon as a property in the area they have specified is listed.

We would also like to be able to include floor plans, and have a choice box to indicate if a floor plan is available or not.

We would like to add a realtor/estate agent rating system, sort of like ebay and similar sites let people rate people they have done business with. Except that we would like to be able to solicit ratings and recommendations/warnings from people in general and not just as they buy property through us because they won't conduct the transaction directly through our site.

For instance, "Rate your Realtor/Estate Agent" button. Then ask the following:

Name of Company

Name of Individual agent

Ethical Conduct - Does your realtor play fair?






Negative agent/agency in question has one opportunity to respond to negative feedback.

Maybe they could be asked to rate each item on a scale of 1 to 5 or 1 to 10 - I don't know which would be better. Then they could have one area where they could make open-ended comments.

I would like to see samples of similar work, or at least a high feedback rating. Also, I would really like to have the finished product in 3 to 4 weeks.

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